Here are some photos of Flo McGarrell during the period we dated. We met on Friendster! He sent me the 1st 4 images so I could find him a tie to match/clash for his first solo show in SF. We had a lot of fun, creative and exciting times together in a

brief period. Flo McGarrell born 8/31/74 died in Jacmel, Haiti during the earthquake 2010.01.12

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2004.11.19_005 2004.11.19_006 2004.12.10 2004.12.10_x_01 2004.12.10_x_22
2004.11.19_005.jpg 2004.11.19_006.jpg 2004.12.10.jpg 2004.12.10_x_01.jpg 2004.12.10_x_22.jpg
2004.12.11_001 2004.12.11_002 2004.12.18_001 2004.12.18_002 2004.12.18_003
2004.12.11_001.jpg 2004.12.11_002.jpg 2004.12.18_001.jpg 2004.12.18_002.jpg 2004.12.18_003.jpg