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boston's halloween bike ride

the ride is on! see you at green street or along the way! Once again, a loose collective of ghouls is planning the 2009 Halloween Bike Ride.

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Halloween Bike Ride
Meeting at Green Street T Station in JP
8:00pm meet up 8:30pm ride off 11:45 ish return (in time for ice cream!)
Free! Everyone Welcome! All ages!
(raindate: Nov. 1)
(press/media clip image to the right for high res. download)

Costumes and costumed bikes ghoulishly encouraged! Helmets, Lights and Noisemakers too! Enjoy the amazing Stereo Bike with its fully danceable soundtrack! Bring your friends! Bring your family!

We're not posting the route this year. It'll be much like last year's...about 14 miles: JP, Brookline, Boston, Allston, Cambridge, and back to JP. You can get off whenever you like and if you want to meet us along the way, get someone's cell number to find out where we are. There are usually a couple of kind of big hills...but you can do it! (one is S. Huntington St. and one is Beacon St.)

Last year we had over 240 people leaving JP at the start, picked up more people along the way and had a blast. This year the stereo bike has gone through some renovations and improvements under consultation with some sound engineers and bike enthusiasts. The Halloween Bike Ride is like a costumed dance party on wheels. So Much Fun!

We really depend on everyone helping spread the word! Press folks, click the images to the right for high res. versions. And mega big things to Jef Czekaj for such a great illustration! Please download the following images and print them out and spread the word.
Color poster
Black and White poster
Black and White flyers (4 on an 8.5x11 sheet)

the ride has a new official website: here.

You can see photos of past rides here:
Halloween Bike Ride Set 1 Friday Oct. 31, 2008
Halloween Bike Ride Set 2 Friday Oct. 31, 2008
Stephanie Yeow's photos of the 2007 Halloween Bike Ride
2007: Halloween Bike Ride! 16 miles, 189 people!
2006 Halloween Bike Ride
The 4rd Annual Boston Halloween Bike Ride 2004
The 3rd Annual Boston Halloween Bike Ride 2003

Press folks: here are some images to use. click the thumbnail to download a 300 dpi hi res image. Stacey Mongomery drew the Jack 'o Bike and Aliza Shapiro took the other photos.

The 2007 ride was even bigger! WE HAD 189 PEOPLE AS WE LEFT JP! and we picked up others along the way. So much fun. Check the photos section for images!

The ride in 2006 was amazing! The weather was perfect and everything went really smoothly. We got press in the Globe and Metro which helped bring out some new participants, we had 92 people as we rode through JP. We lost a few and gained about 10-15 in Coolidge Corner at the Devil Music show. We lost a few and gained a few (including a guy on a motorized blade thing) in Harvard Sq. and Central Square at the Middle East. Highlights (for me at least!) included a nice stop on Landsdown Street where the acoustics were fantastic for the stereo bike, teaching the cabbies in Brookline some patience, the Queen sing along in Allston, riding through the bus tunnel at Harvard Sq. T Station, screaming and making noise all night, dressing up my bike and seeing what other craziness people had come up with for costumes, the after ride ice cream at JP Licks, watching The Exorcist at people I don't know's house in JP after ice cream, and finding out that my friend Walter had come off cape to do the ride costumed so well that I didn't know it was him until the very end of the ride! As we were chugging up South Huntington some folks thanked me for the best experience they'd had in Boston so far, which was really sweet. The ride is all about everyone who rides, not just the folks who helped put it together, so thanks for doing it!

I've posted my photos here. Since we don't have everyone's email addresses, please spread the word. If you have photos or video, send your links. Scroll down for links to other year's photos.

some folks were asking about bike resources during the ride. send me links if you've got info, please. but here's a start:

Hub On Wheels
Bikes Not Bombs
SCUL, those chopper kids
Boston Critical Mass
Mass Bike

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