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Here are links to my International Drag King Extravaganza (aka IDKE.6) photos.

IDKE was, as aways, an amazing event. Workshops on tons of interesting topics for folk interested in performance of all kinds, not just drag, a film series, an art show, two huge drag shows, one cabaret show, tons of hotness. Not enough sleep or time to talk to all the great folks there and now i am suffering from a cold...but entirely worth it!

I took tons of photos and only edited a little. If you use any of my photos for anything please photo credit Aliza Shapiro or and let me know where they are going to be. Oh, and my camera ran out of juice at a few points, so I might not have gotten everything. But I tried.

Dragdom open Mic on Friday October 15, 2004
The big Showcase on Saturday October 16, 2004
Dancing and... after the Showcase
Sunday morning Brunch and performances Sunday October 17, 2004


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