Dharia McGrew took these shots at Wreckage 2008. There's tons of them, and she's awesome. Make sure you credit her if you use any of them. Wreckage is a contest and show that is part TraniWreck and part Gong Show. http://www.truthserum.org has more info

Sunday December 14, 2008 Milky Way Lounge and Lands in JP, MA


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2008.12.14_001 2008.12.14_002 2008.12.14_003 2008.12.14_004 2008.12.14_005 2008.12.14_006
2008.12.14_001.jpg 2008.12.14_002.jpg 2008.12.14_003.jpg 2008.12.14_004.jpg 2008.12.14_005.jpg 2008.12.14_006.jpg
2008.12.14_007 2008.12.14_008 2008.12.14_009 2008.12.14_010 2008.12.14_011 2008.12.14_012
2008.12.14_007.jpg 2008.12.14_008.jpg 2008.12.14_009.jpg 2008.12.14_010.jpg 2008.12.14_011.jpg 2008.12.14_012.jpg