CineMental is a film/video/performance series from Truth Serum Productions. It's programmed by James Nadeau and Aliza Shapiro. Every Third Wednesday of the month at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square Cambrdige, MA. December 17, 2008 screening was of

The Godfather of Disco by Gene Graham with a live dj demo by Kris Kono (and it was her birthday!) and DJ Bob Diesel. the event was co-presented by just about everyone in the house music scene in boston...

2008.12.17_001 2008.12.17_002 2008.12.17_003 2008.12.17_004
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2008.12.17_005 2008.12.17_006 disco_web_fly  
2008.12.17_005.jpg 2008.12.17_006.jpg disco_web_fly.jpg