Drag King workshop in preparation for MIT's Fierce Forever drag show in April. I hope we can get more Kings out...otherwise Mick here, and Heywood, are going to be kind of out numbered...We are my genderfuckers at?

January 18, 2009


2009.01.18_001 2009.01.18_002 2009.01.18_003 2009.01.18_004 2009.01.18_005 2009.01.18_006
2009.01.18_001.jpg 2009.01.18_002.jpg 2009.01.18_003.jpg 2009.01.18_004.jpg 2009.01.18_005.jpg 2009.01.18_006.jpg
2009.01.18_007 2009.01.18_008        
2009.01.18_007.jpg 2009.01.18_008.jpg