Boston LGBT Film Festival May 6-17, 2009 photos from Women's Opening Night with Shamim Sarif's I Can't Think Straight, a dance performance from Mesma S. Belsare, and an after party at SMFA.

(photos with EH in the file name are by Erci Hess, photos with as in the file name are by aliza shapiro) Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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2009.05.06_EH_001 2009.05.06_EH_002 2009.05.06_EH_003 2009.05.06_EH_004 2009.05.06_EH_005 2009.05.06_EH_006
2009.05.06_EH_001.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_002.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_003.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_004.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_005.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_006.jpg
2009.05.06_EH_007 2009.05.06_EH_008 2009.05.06_EH_009 2009.05.06_EH_010 2009.05.06_EH_011 2009.05.06_EH_012
2009.05.06_EH_007.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_008.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_009.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_010.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_011.jpg 2009.05.06_EH_012.jpg