Boston LGBT Film Festival May 6-17, 2009 photos from Men's Opening Night with Nick Oceano's Pedro with actor DaJuan Johnson present and a reception at SMFA after.

(photos with EH are by Eric Hess, photos with as are by Aliza Shapiro) Thursday May 7, 2009

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2009.05.07_EH_013 2009.05.07_EH_014 2009.05.07_EH_015 2009.05.07_EH_016 2009.05.07_EH_017 2009.05.07_EH_018
2009.05.07_EH_013.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_014.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_015.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_016.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_017.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_018.jpg
2009.05.07_EH_019 2009.05.07_EH_020 2009.05.07_EH_021 2009.05.07_EH_022 2009.05.07_EH_023 2009.05.07_EH_024
2009.05.07_EH_019.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_020.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_021.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_022.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_023.jpg 2009.05.07_EH_024.jpg