Boston LGBT Film Festival May 6-17, 2009 Between Love and Goodbye at The Brattle Theatre with filmmaker Casper Andreas present and an after-party at Upstairs on the Square. Screening and party sponsored by Scion.

photos by aliza shapiro. Friday May 8, 2009

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2009.05.08_as_001 2009.05.08_as_002 2009.05.08_as_003 2009.05.08_as_004 2009.05.08_as_005 2009.05.08_as_006
2009.05.08_as_001.jpg 2009.05.08_as_002.jpg 2009.05.08_as_003.jpg 2009.05.08_as_004.jpg 2009.05.08_as_005.jpg 2009.05.08_as_006.jpg
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2009.05.08_as_007.jpg 2009.05.08_as_008.jpg 2009.05.08_as_009.jpg 2009.05.08_as_010.jpg 2009.05.08_as_011.jpg 2009.05.08_as_012.jpg