TraniWreck on Friday August 14, 2009 at the Middle East Downstairs...the whole night was amazing. The club was packed and everything came off without a hitch. So amazing. So night to be back! There was a line out the door and around the building!
these photos are by: Aliza Shapiro
Friday Aug. 14, 2009

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2009.08.14_as_031 2009.08.14_as_032 2009.08.14_as_033 2009.08.14_as_034 2009.08.14_as_035
2009.08.14_as_031.jpg 2009.08.14_as_032.jpg 2009.08.14_as_033.jpg 2009.08.14_as_034.jpg 2009.08.14_as_035.jpg
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2009.08.14_as_036.jpg 2009.08.14_as_037.jpg 2009.08.14_as_038.jpg 2009.08.14_as_039.jpg 2009.08.14_as_040.jpg
2009.08.14_as_041 2009.08.14_as_042 2009.08.14_as_043 2009.08.14_as_044 2009.08.14_as_045
2009.08.14_as_041.jpg 2009.08.14_as_042.jpg 2009.08.14_as_043.jpg 2009.08.14_as_044.jpg 2009.08.14_as_045.jpg