here are Dharia McGrew's great photos of TraniWreck at The Middle East Downstairs. We auctioned a lapdance and many raffle items were won to benefit MTPC. Next TraniWreck is Friday January 15, 2010. Join use!

November 23, 2009

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2009.11.23_dm_001 2009.11.23_dm_002 2009.11.23_dm_003 2009.11.23_dm_004 2009.11.23_dm_005
2009.11.23_dm_001.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_002.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_003.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_004.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_005.jpg
2009.11.23_dm_006 2009.11.23_dm_007 2009.11.23_dm_008 2009.11.23_dm_009 2009.11.23_dm_010
2009.11.23_dm_006.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_007.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_008.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_009.jpg 2009.11.23_dm_010.jpg