Derek Kouyoumjian shot the TranIWreck: GOLD III show at OBERON. The show was a blast. We did a lap dance auction as a benefit for The Femme Show, our guests were Ms. Sassy Pants from Rogue Burlesque and we had special GoGo's Lolli Hoops and Oliver Tryst.
The regular gang was there: Heywood Wakefield, Becca D'Bus, Frieda Fries, Johnny Blazes, Madge of Honor and our friend Katya crashed the party again! DJs Chris Ewen and Kat Fyte held it down. At OBERON Friday July 16, 2010 for updates
posted: 7/29/2010 next TraniWreck is Friday August 13, 2010 at OBERON!

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