David W. Aquilina's great photos of TraniWreck: GOLD IV at OBERON. Our guest stars this month were Systyr Act and Sela Morehouse (Heywood's ex-wife). Becca D'Bus and Friend Fries killed Heywood off. Johnny Blazes sang and looked amazing in white
and Madge of Honor was her multifaceted gorgeous self. You can see more of Davids work at http://starkindler.us/blog and you can find out more about TraniWreck at http://www.truthserum.org
Friday August 13, 2010 at OBERON


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2010.08.13_DA_001 2010.08.13_DA_002 2010.08.13_DA_003 2010.08.13_DA_004 2010.08.13_DA_005
2010.08.13_DA_001.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_002.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_003.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_004.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_005.jpg
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2010.08.13_DA_006.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_007.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_008.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_009.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_010.jpg
2010.08.13_DA_011 2010.08.13_DA_012 2010.08.13_DA_013 2010.08.13_DA_014 2010.08.13_DA_015
2010.08.13_DA_011.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_012.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_013.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_014.jpg 2010.08.13_DA_015.jpg