TraniWreck: Wreckage (the contest show) at OBERON. This month we invited contestants to compete for the title of "Boston's Biggest Wreck 2010." We had amazing contestants and a tie for first place between Marilyn Meow and Aquanette Jones. Second place
went to rope duo Aporia, and third place went to Pat The Policeman. The TraniWreck performers were Heywood Wakefield, Johnny Blazes, Frieda Fries, Madge of Honor and for her last time on the TraniWreck stage before returning to Singapore, Becca D'Bus.
Katya also joined us to help judge and of course, DJ Chris Ewen spun. We also brought back the Haiku King to the show in the form of M. Lussier. We're excited to have her. We also had a large number of new and awesome volunteers.
Thursday December 9, 2010 at OBERON Cambridge, MA

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