TraniWreck: The Birthday Edition! Heywood Wakefield and Johnny Blazes both have birthday's in February, as do many of our fans and friends and family! This show was a blast even if the queens and aerial artist didn't make it! Johnny Blazes, Madge
Honor, Heywood Wakefield, Cotton Candy (live advertising jingles), Marilyn Meow, The Haiku King and Kelsey Jarboe held it down! And then there was a special appearance by Marilyn Monroe! Thursday February 10, 2011 at OBERON
These photos are by Ethan Bickford Feb 10, 2011 more photos and videos at

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2011.02.10_tw_eb_007.jpg 2011.02.10_tw_eb_008.jpg 2011.02.10_tw_eb_009.jpg 2011.02.10_tw_eb_010.jpg 2011.02.10_tw_eb_011.jpg 2011.02.10_tw_eb_012.jpg
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