TraniWreck is TraniWrock with rare appearance from Come. Show featured: Heywood Wakefield, Johnny Blazes, Madge of Honor, Katya, Boston Sass Attack, Cotton Candy (Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurley) and Rachel Stewart. And was followed
by an amazing set by the original line up of the band Come. During the event BSA donated their tips and we raised money for MA Youth Pride. These photos are by Derek Kouyoumjian.
Thursday April 14, 2011 at OBERON in Cambridge MA (check for more photos and video links)

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2011.04.14_tw_dk_001.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_002.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_003.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_004.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_005.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_006.jpg
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2011.04.14_tw_dk_007.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_008.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_009.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_010.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_011.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_012.jpg
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2011.04.14_tw_dk_013.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_014.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_015.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_016.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_017.jpg 2011.04.14_tw_dk_018.jpg