TraniWreck: GLORY featuring: Heywood Wakefield, Johnny Blazes, Madge of Honor, Katya, Frieda Fries, Aporia with Naughty Em, aerialist Papi, new queen KeeKee, Bitches of Destiny, Foxy Gay Boy Dancers, hip hop from Unecc and Kelo. We had guest djs D'hana
and Brent Covington joining DJ Chris Ewen who's birthday it was. This was our Pride celebration show...taking it to the level of GLORY! we danced all night! It was an amazing show.
Thursday June 9, 2011 at OBERON Cambridge, MA
These photos are by Aliza Shapiro which explains why they're not as awesome as the professionals!

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2011.06.09_025 2011.06.09_026 2011.06.09_027 2011.06.09_028 2011.06.09_029 2011.06.09_030
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2011.06.09_031 2011.06.09_032 2011.06.09_033 2011.06.09_034 2011.06.09_035 2011.06.09_036
2011.06.09_031.jpg 2011.06.09_032.jpg 2011.06.09_033.jpg 2011.06.09_034.jpg 2011.06.09_035.jpg 2011.06.09_036.jpg
2011.06.09_037 2011.06.09_038 2011.06.09_039 2011.06.09_040 2011.06.09_041 2011.06.09_042
2011.06.09_037.jpg 2011.06.09_038.jpg 2011.06.09_039.jpg 2011.06.09_040.jpg 2011.06.09_041.jpg 2011.06.09_042.jpg
2011.06.09_043 2011.06.09_044 2011.06.09_045 2011.06.09_046 2011.06.09_047 2011.06.09_048
2011.06.09_043.jpg 2011.06.09_044.jpg 2011.06.09_045.jpg 2011.06.09_046.jpg 2011.06.09_047.jpg 2011.06.09_048.jpg