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Here are links to my Homo A Gogo pictures. I hope you like them.
(oh, and the stuff above is for my production company.)

Homo A Gogo, once again, was gorgeous and exhausting. Six days of Homo Brilliance. I highly recommend making the pilgrimage next time it happens. Some of the most fun and amazing events that happened weren't even planned. Like the spoken word round circle that happened as the crafts bazaar was winding down on Saturday. Or mud wrestling at Reno's ranch...There was so much great stuff happening, it was impossible to take photos of it all.

Tuesday August 3, 2004
Wednesday August 4, 2004
Friday August 6, 2004 Fashion Show
Friday August 6, 2004 Evening
Saturday August 7, 2004
Sunday August 8, 2004 was the day that Phranc and Hawnay Troof played for free outside in the park and i forgot my camera battery. So sad.


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