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Hey folks, I'm working on this media to get them to begin Truth Serum archives. I'd like to finish this before I die. When I started this company I quickly started to get coverage with newspapers, magazines, some TV and radio etc. I posted what I could in different processes, and some I just linked to the papers so that I didn't have to deal with all them. Well that was definitely wrong! I guess papers go away... Then I started producing so many performances I just couldn't keep up with it all. So I grabbed a bunch of the papers and magazines and I tossed them into bins and figured I'd do it when I had time... Well now I do. And it's very slow. Oh well. :) 2020.05.13

x 2011.04.14 TraniWreck : TraniWrock 2011.04.14 got a nice write up in Playground Boston.
x 2011.00.00 TraniWreck won Best Write-In Campaign from The Boston Phoenix
x Bike Porn in the Phoenix

x Bike Porn in the Weekly Dig

x 2011.03.00 Come and TraniWrock in the Boston Globe

x 2009.09.00 Weekly Dig: Under 21 Guide 2009.09

x Boston Phoenix article about our new Tuesday dance party by Queer Collab.

2009.01 The Boston Globe and covered TraniWreck in January 2009.
x Here's an article about me and Truth Serum in TransNation, a nationally syndicated column by Jacob Anderson-Minshall. (a couple of corrections...I've run Truth Serum since around 1994...but full time since 2003.)

2008.05.20 A radio show, called Maman a Tort, on Radio Campus Paris, in Frace, ( did a show interesviewing Aliza Shapiro and Truth Serum, UtiliTies and others topics. May 20, 2008

2007.12.14 CineMental in The Edge Scott Kearnan EDGE Media Network Contributor Friday Dec 14, 2007
x Bay Windows article about Truth Serum, TraniWreck etc

x The Metro (Boston) covers Dr. Sketchy! The print version had a photo of Machete on the cover!

Indie Media radio piece by Homefries about the Dyke March, includes some of the address I gave.

x GoNYC magazine names Aliza Shapiro one of the 100 Women they love in 2007.

The Odyssey and CineMental's first event got a bunch of notice:
An entry in the Boston Globe Blog
x The Boston Globe Calendar.
x Here's a Bay Windows article on the Gay and Lesbian Film Fest, with a reference to CineMental at the bottom.
x The Boston Phoenix wrote a review
x and an article on it.

2006.11.16 In Newsweekly Interview with Aliza Shapiro about drag and Wreckage/TraniWreck 2006.11.16
2006.11.16 This is the full text from the interview with William Henderson from In Newsweekly 2006.11.16. Sometimes stuff gets cut out. Unfortunately some of what got cut out is the stuff I'm most excited about, so I'm including it here.
2006.11.17 Bay Windows Editor's Pick about Wreckage: The Final Contest 2006.11.17
x 2006.10.11 Here's my interview with Joan Jett in the Boston Phoenix. Hit the link and read "Our Hearts Crushed and Bleeding" by Lisa King. 2006.10.11
x At Home With Aliza Shapiro From Bay Windows (it's cute, but embarrassing and i'm 37, not 38.) 09.28.06
2006.09.21 In Newsweekly interview with Nomi Sparks (aka Naomi Bennett) 2006.09.21
2006.09.20 Weekly Dig talks to Mark Robinson of Flin Flon 2006.09.20
2006.09.14 Boston Globe coverage of Wreckage: The Contest Show 2006.09.14
2005.08.05 Boston Phoenix Editor's Pick about Xray Aims' Flesh and Foundation at Art Interactive 2006.08.05
2005.08.05 Bean Rocket coverage of Ray Aim's Flesh and Foundation
2006.07.24 Some crap from the Weekly Dig Blog about the Peaches review. Personal attack much? It's the quality reporting the Dig is known for.
x 2006.07.20 Here's my interview with Peaches in the Boston Phoenix 2006.07.20
2006.07.24 Bay Windows Editors Pick on Australia's Kiosk 2007.07.06
2006.06.22 Boston Herald writes about us DIY producer/promoter folk. 2006.06.22
2006.06.07 The Weekly Dig's Gay Bash My guess was that it would take them 3 columns of Gay Bash before they name checked me. It took two. Not sure if I should be pleased or displeased. Plus, Heywood would never sleaze on a queer girl under 40. He likes is ladies straight, blond and 40+, thank you.

The MA Youth Pride Brouhaha... Heywood Wakefield was named in a state press release as the MC for Youth Pride...well, you can read the rest. I am not going to, however, link to MassResistance because they suck, and don't need any traffic from me.
2006.03.27 This is the press release that went out.
2006.05.12 This is the article from the front page of the Boston Globe May 12, 2006
2006.05.12 This is the transcript of the Channel 5 News broadcast that evening.
A. Heywood isn't a cross dresser.
B. If the trannies aren't going to entertain the queer youth of america, who will.
C. Heywood was on the NEWS!
D. Mitt Romney knows my name.
E. We: Youth Pride, The Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, Friends of the Governor etc didn't do anything wrong. In the end Romney had to make it look like he was doing something (about nothing) to appease his republican voting base. He's running for president, you know...
x F. And then, awesome Mikhaela Reid made this.

2006.02.23 Boston Globe article about Lisa King's Death February 23, 2006
2006.02.23 Bay Windows article poet Lisa King's Death February 23, 2006

2006.01.11 Write up about UtiliTies from The Boston Globe on Wednesday January 11, 2006

x Boston Phoenix has a nice photo of Heywood Wakefield and Lisa Carver in it. oh, yah...and a great article by Camille Dodero.

Here's two Boston Globe articles I never got up.
2004.04.15 DIY about DIY programming around Boston. by Sarah Thomlinson Boston Globe 2004.04.15
2004.05.20 BOOKMOBILE GOES SOUTH OF THE BORDER TO PROMOTE HANDMADE TOMES about Projet Mobilivre-Bookmobile project and its visit to Boston. by Sarah Thomlinson Boston Globe 2004.05.20

2005.07.02 Here's the Boston Herald profile on Truth Serum and Aliza Shapiro that probably none of you saw. By Paul Restuccia 2005.07.02

x 2005.09.29Bay Windows Covers the Wreckage I: Final Contest at Jacque's. By Ryan Lindsey 2005.09.29

2005.06.16 Bay Windows "Northampton's Femmetastic Fatales steal TraniWreck spotlight: "Queer-identified femmes" add punch to bizarre burlesque extravaganza" By Ryan Lindsey 2005.06.16

2005.06.06 The Boston Globe The Femmetastics at TraniWreck get a Go! Pick 2005.06.06
2005.06.02 The Boston Phoenix "The Revolution Requires Dancers" our Dyke March Benefit show gets an Editor's Pick 2005.06.02

2005.05.26 Bay Windows "Bizarre feats of gender-bending fabulousness: Wreckage edges closer to the finals" By Ryan Lindsey 2005.05.26

2005.05.13 The Boston Globe The Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival gets a pick in Go! Weekend 2005.05.13

2005.05.08 The Boston Globe Coverage of the Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival which I helped program. 2005.05.08

2005.04.28 Bay Windows "Mr. Lady, Galaxy Girls and Mr. Showman: TraniWreck trio moves closer to contest finale" By Ryan Lindsey (this was a weird and factually incorrect headline for the article, but Mr. Lindsey didn't write it.) 2005.04.28

2005.04.26 Stuff@Night 2005 Players List (page 1) Stuff@Night thinks I'm a Player!!! (if only i could get a date!) I'm on page 5

2005.02.24 Bay Windows "Anti American Idol: TraniWreck ups the ante for Boston's drag scene" By Ryan Lindsey 2005.02.24
x 2005.02.17 The Boston Phoenix TraniWreck/Wreckage gets an Editors Pick 2005.02.17

2005.02.10 Bay Windows "Tranny, trashy talent show Performance: art meets Vegas at TraniWreck cabaret" By Ryan Lindsey 2005.02.10
2005.02.09 The Boston Globe my birthday concert at TT's "I'll Cry if I Want To" gets a Go! Pick 2005.02.09

There was something in The Weekly Dig about the birthday show, but I'll have to scan it.
x 2004.12.10 The Boston Phoenix Our benefit for Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Or gets mentioned in Roadtripping 2004.12.10
2005.02.03 TraniWreck in Bay Windows Calendar

Aliza Shapiro of Truth Serum (mis)quoted about the depressing state of the club scene and unadventurous folks 2005.02.03 Bay Windows
2005.02.03 I'll Cry If I Want To (my birthday show)
gets Boston Phoenix Editors Pick for the Week

_2005.02.03 More about how I'll Cry If I Want To came about in The Boston Pheonix

2005.02.03 in newsweekly covers TraniWreck, Wreckage, and I'll Cry If I Want To...extrapolations between quote marks cause trouble...
09.16.04 Rock on the Quiet Tip show on September 23 at Zeitgeist Gallery featured in Bay Windows on 09.16.04.

2004.09.16 A href="">Bay Windows Fall preview of Rock shows on 09.16.04.

2004.09.16 Bay Windows Fall preview of queer events in Boston on 09.16.04.

Someone, Stuff @ Night, thinks Drag King Heywood Wakefield is hot. Go Figure!
2004.08.17 page 1 and page 2 on 08.17.04.

2003.07.17 Something old I just found about The Berwick Research Institute and my residency there ISD Inspires New Era for Non-Profit Art Space in Boston

2004.06.08 Stuff @ Night covers Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke originally on the wrong night. Darcy Scanlon had it on Friday even though she and a couple of her friends were our Drag King Make-over subjects! Glitter Switch

2004.06.02 Boston Dyke March Benefit Show Coverage. (We raised over $700). In Newsweekly 06.02.2004

x 2004.05.27 Projet Mobilivre Bookmobile Project, the Airstream Trailer full of DIY zines, books etc coverage in The Boston Globe ??? i'll get to it.

2004.05.27 Projet Mobilivre Bookmobile Project, the Airstream Trailer full of DIY zines, books etc coverage in The Boston Phoenix 05.27.2004

Truth Serum Presented Rise Above: The Tribe 8 Documentary at The Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival and then the after-party at Hollywood. The next evening Cambridge, Ma started handing out marriage licenses to queer couples who wanted to arry. It was kind of surreal being there with Leslie and Lynnee and Lynnee's mom along with the riot police in their ant gear. The screening was packed, the party was a blast with everyone taking turns playing DJ. check the photos page for documentation. 2004.05.13 Boston Phoenix page 1,
2004.05.13 Boston Phoenix page 2

2004.03.30 Stuff @ Night, gives props to me and Truth Serum for kicking Boston's conservative ass and made me a "Player of the Nightlife." page 1 page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5. (I'm on Page 5.)

Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke highlighted in an article about cabaret style shows in Boston 2004.03.04 Boston Globe Calendar on 03.04.04.
x 2004.03.04 and here is a view of the print version.

2004.02.19 Fiery February Part III: Independent Porn/Erotica Screenings and Performance Bay Windows on 02.19.04
2004.02.19 Fiery February Part III: Independent Porn/Erotica Screenings and Perfomance Boston Phoenix on 02.19.04
2004.02.17 Fiery February Part III: Independent Porn/Erotica Screenings and Perfomance After 5 on 02.17.04
2004.02.06 Fiery February Part I: Sex Worker's Art Show in The Boston Globe GO! Friday on 02.05.04
2004.02.05 Fiery February Part I: Sex Worker's Art Show in Bay Windows Bay Windows on 02.05.04
2004.02.05 Fiery February Part I: Sex Worker's Art Show in The Boston Phoenix This Just In on 02.05.04
2004.02.05 Fiery February Part I: Sex Worker's Art Show in The Boston Phoenix On The Road on 02.05.04
2004.02.03 Fiery February Part I: Sex Worker's Art Show in Stuff @ Night After 5 on 02.03.04

2003.01.08 Glitter Switch's Drag King Workshop was featured in In Newsweekly on 01.08.04

2003.10.30 Check out RJ Grubb's article on The Quails and King Cobra in Bay Windows

2003.10.23 Truth Serum was featured prominantly in the Phoenix's Fall Arts Preview. There is some incorrect info, but we love the recognition. Phoenix's Fall Arts Preview

2003.09.00 I was chosen by Boston Magazine as one of their HOT LIST Rising Stars of the Art Scene. Check it out: September 2003 Boston Magazine

2003.09.23 Where the Girls Are Bay Windows 09.23.03

x 2003.03.00 I wrote a little bit about Rock and Roll Camp for Girls for DIW magazine (Independent Thought on Independent Music). Check it out: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

2003.09.04 Go! Thursday Boston Globe 09.04.03

2003.08.23 The Phoenix "Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story" Boston Phoenix 08.28.03

2003.07.17 Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday, Porn Belt, Electrolytes and Maggotzoid in thr Boston Phoenix 07.17.03

2003.07.13 Dude looks like a lady - hey, wait, he is! The Sunday Boston Herald 07.13.03

2003.07.03 Editor's Picks: Burlesque: Goddess Perlman Boston Phoenix 07.03.03

2003.06.28 Go! Glitter Switch with Maura Jasper and Hilken Mancini from Punk Rock Aerobics Boston Globe 06.28.03

2003.06.26 Editor's Picks: Bait and Switch Glitter Switch : Drag Karaoke featuring Punk Rock Aerobics Boston Phoenix 06.26.03

x 2003.06.26 What's Hot Stuff @ Night 06.26.03

2003.05.29 Editor's Picks: Rock Camp Benefit at the Berwick Boston Phoenix 05.29.03

2003.05.29 Rock 'n' Roll Camp The Weekly Dig May 29, 2003

2003.04.05 Rethinking the 'Happy Ending' by Michael Bronski Bay Windows 04.03.03

2003.04.10 Far, far, far from heaven by Michael Bronski about 'Happy Ending' Boston Phoenix 04.10.03

2003.03.13 Out and About: A busy month for drag kings, poets, and gay glitterati Boston Globe Calendar 03.13.03

2003.03.05 CandyLand: Review Weekly Dig 03.05.03

2003.01.30 CandyLand: Fun For All Queers Bay Windows 01.30.03

2003.01.23 Dropping In: Truth Serum, Tristan Taormino and other stuff at the Milky Way Boston Globe Calendar Section 01.23.03

2002.06.00 Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Jacques by Russel Wright aka Aliza Shapiro Pride Guide June 2002
2002.06.00 Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Jacques by Russel Wright aka Aliza Shapiro Pride Guide June 2002 (original, correct text only version - they clipped some out by mistake)

2002.09.26 The Antislam: So Bad, It's Good Boston Globe September 26, 2002

2002.11.00 Heywood, Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke and Aliza Shapiro... Boston Magazine November 2002

2002.11.25 Drag kings gain stage time at Hug hot spots Girls / Men by Jill Radsken in the Boston Herald November 25, 2002
check out Everything first, you'll see where she did her research.

2002.11.29 Drag Kings, Femme Queens, and Insects! Oh My!!! by Russel Wright aka Aliza Shapiro Bay Windows November 29, 2002

if you want to email: aliza shapiro @ truthserum . org (but close the spaces) to register for classes, ask questions, or volunteer.