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February 19, 2004 Current Issue: February 19, 2004
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Philly-based ArtNerd Porn Collective turns up the heat


Breakfast at Zuzu's doesn't consist of your typical two eggs and toast. Instead while ZuZu does offer pancakes, farm fresh butter and sugar, the menu also provides a generous portion of hot bootie.

Proudly serving sex along with other porn video vignettes is the newly formed Philadelphia-based ArtNerd Porn Collective, an eight-member group that makes and screens queer-positive, sex-positive, feminist porn. "We are a group of friends building a community where we can have fun and safely express our sexuality and creativity," explained ArtNerd Hannah Burton by e-mail.

Co-sponsored by Grand Opening! and The Video Underground, Truth Serum Productions presents an evening of indie porn from the Art Nerds along with performances by Miss Dominica K, Thru The Keyhole Burlesque and readings by Michelle Brennan on Sunday, Feb. 22 at The Milky Way in Jamaica Plain.

For the most part, The ArtNerds offer a new marker in our sex-phobic and sex-obsessed culture. But as this mixed gender group - which despite Burton preferred to preserve their anonymity than reveal names - will tell you, they simply came together to make hot porn that represents their desires. Their motivations vary from boredom with queer porn to an interest in public sex to becoming superstars. As one member put it: "I joined the collective because I've been jealous of Hugh Hefner my whole life. Why does he get to sit around in silk PJs with all the hot girls? I want that for me, too."

While Hefner is certainly a straight Playboy icon, the collective draws its main inspiration from queer sexperts like Susie Bright, Annie Sprinkle, Christopher Lee, and Shar Rednour. Each ArtNerd identifies as "white, queer, feminist and smart" between the ages of 19 and 30 years-old.

While the collective has only just begun to screen their homemade movies, Boston audiences should expect a wide body of work. As Burton detailed, their flicks range from "sweet making out to fist fucking and from straight forward narratives to conceptual explorations." Burton added, they also, "fetishize the irony and humor of tittie fucking and take a fresh look at the intensity of blow jobs." But besides striving to give blow jobs a new cinematic look, the group's main objective is to offer clips of sexual variance about themselves and their "perverted friends" without instigating the shock factor.

"For some of us, turning the camera on our sex feels very anti-extreme and non-shocking," wrote Burton. "Our queer, feminist sex is normal to us, not shocking in the way that Howard Stern and Larry Flint talk about sex because that trivializes what we do every day."

Instead, by performing the radical acts of fucking in public, the collective aspires to turn the private into public by creating accessibility for sexual knowledge, access and recognition.

"We wanted to see what our sex looked like in the light," said Burton. "We wanted to see our hotness on the screen and redefine the images of what queer sex looks like."

Catch The ArtNerd Porn Collective on Sunday, Feb. 22 at The Milky Way, 403-5 Centre St., JP. 21+. Tickets: $8. At 8 pm. For more information, visit www.truthserum.org.

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