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May 2, 2005 Find Print Edition : Search : Archive : Login : Register

Mr. Lady, Galaxy Girls and Mr. Showman

TraniWreck trio moves closer to contest finale

A third set of Wreckage contestants took to Jacque's stage on April 18, moving Truth Serum Productions' monthly all gender/all genre talent search one step closer to its September finale, in which the top two winners from each of the February through August contests will compete for the title of Boston's Biggest Wreck and a $500 prize. The show is divided into five sets, with two performances by each contestant sandwiched between performances by non-competing professionals. The latest group of contestants included the Galaxy Girls; Belinda Davenport, who also competed in February; drag king Richard Lance; The Playboy; The Showman; and Donita Roxx/Sir Loins, this month's TraniWreck contestant. (Each contest includes one member of the TraniWreck troupe, who is graded on a curve for fairness.)

The professional performances were provided by Jacque's regular Ashley Michelle, TraniWreck's Mr. Lady, and drag king host Heywood Wakefield. Unlike the first contest show, in which the competitors offered the most engaging performances, the "professionals" carried the night. Ashley Michelle was the evening's standard-bearer of glamour, particularly in the opening performance to The Braids' cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody," in which she wore a shimmering floor-length gown, tightly fitted to her enviable figure. Heywood Wakefield also gave crowd-pleasing performances, exchanging his usual gloomy demeanor for a more studly persona.

But it was the table-hopping, lap-dancing, drink-spewing, audience-rebuking outrageousness of Mr. Lady that made the evening. After her first performance-in which she took a man's hat, placed it on her beer-drenched head, and humped his back until he fell to the floor-she informed her victim that she'd done so because he had talked over an earlier performer. Her remarks garnered enthusiastic applause and, if nothing else, established an expectation of respect for the competitors.

This expectation is admirable, but respecting a person's willingness to go before an audience is not the same as being engaged by his performance. With six acts varying wildly in both tone and quality, the night was split between the entertaining and the downright mystifying.

The Galaxy Girls-two incredibly fit, scantily clad young women-tied for the night's top prize by hula-hooping to songs by Go Go Bordello. Initially, their act seemed strange and possibly pointless, but after only a few seconds they amazed with their abilities and captivated with their gyrations-these women deserved the win they shared with TraniWreck's Donita Roxx/Sir Loins, who did both femme and masculine drag, each showcasing an obsession with the male sexual organ.

Drag king Richard Lance was the last of the entertaining acts, winning the crowd with his alarmingly convincing masculinity and sexiness, though this wasn't borne out by the contest's outcome: the tie for the top spot left no room for second-place, and third place went to The Showman, whose look evoked Lucky the Leprechaun crossed with Sammy Davis, Jr., but who had little else to offer.

The third contest was a mixed bag, but Wreckage, likely the most surreal event Boston has to offer, remains a must see, where creativity and eccentricity rule the night.

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