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Results for Sunday December 9, 2007 Wreckage at The Milky Way Lounge and Lanes... This year we did a one time show and gave a $200 prize. We ended up with a First Place and Second Place tie! Sha the Fag King, aka Sasha Kaufman a sexy sometimes drag king, and Hazel Nutz, a well groomed occasional drag queen, won First Prize + the title of Boston's Biggest Wreck 2007!!! Bolt Upright and Lito Libido tied with Davina DelMar for Second Place. Our Judges were Heywood Wakefield, Johnny Blazes, Frieda Fries, Ben Mauer, Jay Roush (2006 winner). And we had a guest performance by Dr. Anita Cooter!

Boston's Biggest Wreck was crowned last night (2006.11.20) and it was J. Roush! Congrats, J. Second place went to Becca D'Bus and Third to Frieda Fries. We gave Belinda Davenport honorable mention for riding her bike from Everett for every Wreckage since the first Wreckage ever. Her ride to Great Scott was 17 miles! And she had to do it back at the end of the night. Such a trouper. For her dedication and stellar performances we have her a gift certificate to Jack Stein Make-up. Photos are up. Hit the link above.

That's it folks! The 6 preliminary rounds of the 2006 Wreckage Contest have been completed. On November 20th, at a special new location: Great Scott 1222 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston, we'll be having Wreckage: The Final Contest featuring special guest judges and $500 in cash and prizes...and for those wondering... that means some cash and some prizes equaling $500. Please keep checking the main page for details on the show!

Wreckage was started by Truth Serum's Aliza Shapiro in February 2005 after TraniWreck proved to be sucessful and after Renee Farster aka Frankie Cocktail gave up the night she'd taken over from Bryan Szela aka Pheobe Klein who at one point had a show based on and named after Trannyshack in SF and a contest show that was decided by audience applause. Whew...When I took over the nights we started anew. I've just retuned from IDKE8 an international drag conference and performance weekend where one of the big topics of discuss was archiving our histories. As performers of avant garde, edgy, gendered, queer, or just "out there" stuff our histories aren't always included on the record. Making sure that TraniWreck and Wreckage's histories are on record is an important step toward visiblity. The names TraniWreck and Wreckage were my creation and will travel with me wherever I chose to produce them. TraniWreck and Wreckage as produced by Truth Serum and Heywood Wakefield will no longer be at Jacque's. We had an exellent run there, but we have a desire for greater adventures at larger venues. In the mean time, accept no substitutes! TraniWreck and Wreckage will find more permanent digs in the future in other clubs. For now, join us at Wreckage: The Final Contest on November 20th at Great Scott and fill your calendar with other Truth Serum fine events.

Wreckage No. 6 (Last preliminary round)
Monday September 18, 2006
Mika Cooper as Dr. Anita Cooper took first place and $50 by lip syching over her own oringinal songs! A new king in town, DJ Hooker wowed the audience with some sexy moves and tied with Belinda Davenport who has really been winning the hearts and adoration of the crowds over the course of the contest. Belinda has competed in every round of Wreckage for both years and it seems to be paying off. The TraniWreck and Wreckage regulars are really getting to appreciate her special brand of drag and performance. Both DJ and Belinda will be going to the final round.

Wreckage No. 5
Monday August 21, 2006
Suki Suki took first place (1st place, $50 prize)
and Johnny Blazes and his pal were the runners up
this one was close...only 6 points off.
belinda davenport competed also. Suki Suki did two number that pushed many cultural boundaries and Johnny Blazes and his buddy did two cute theatrical featuring Michael Jackson and a young boy (dirty!) and the other featuring a tranny cowgirl and a cowboy.

Wreckage No. 4
Monday July 17, 2006
Becca D'Bus (1st place, $50 prize)
The Showman (runner up)

competition included a cute drag king named Zeke who did Queen songs, comedian Shane Webb who got drunk and confused us all, Foxy Jessica who did a little strip tease and of course Belinda Davenport who was workin' it! Becca clearly stole the show with her first "drag performance" ever. Becca goes out in drag a lot, but hasn't been on the stage per se. The Showman just showed up and asked to compete. He was with us last season but didn't fair so well. We're excited he made it into the last round this time!

Wreckage No. 3
Monday June 19, 2006
Freida Fries (1st place, $50 prize)
and Belinda Davenport wins second place. Again!

Foxy Jessica joined us for one number and aside from that I must have been drunk, because I don't remember. (No, I'm kidding. I don't drink while performing...I just can't remember.) Frieda Fries was amazing and did a little too much revealing for Jacque's management's taste...we loved it!

Wreckage No. 2
Monday May 15, 2006
Jay Roush (1st place, $50 prize)
Belinda Davenport! (runner up)

Sissy and Cocoa Chaps competed well and I thought should have come in second, but the judges liked Belinda this night! Jay Roush rapped his way, in French no less, into our hearts. His act included the same jumpsuit outfit for both numbers and incorporated the strip-down and get dressed on stage concept we love so much. Luster De La Virgion was our guest judge this night and Vizible Gayze made her debut at this show also. (that's ben, our lighting boy.)

Wreckage No. 1
Monday April 17, 2006
Maximus Mac (1st place, $50 prize)
Frau Carissa (runner up)

Comedian Ian Harvey judged with a comedian friend of his and also Miss Georgette made her debut as a judge. Belinda Davenport competed also. These are the results of the 2005 Wreckage Contest/Show:

Round Number One: February 21, 2005
Judges: Lydia Eccles of Oni Gallery, Darcy Scanlon of Stuff@Night, and Debbie Nicholson of Eximious Productions.

Contestant name: Compiled Score

Belinda Davenport: 101
Nomi Sparks/Walker Scott: 115
Ms. Dominica K: 129
Trash Habit: 133
Windsor Newton: 143

The girls in compilmentary kinky tennis outfits really won over the judges, and how could Windsor not win after sucking on an unsuspecting Jacque's patron's toes. Seriously! Check the photos. And props to our judges who got dressed up for the occasion. Lydia in dandy drag and Darcy with butterflies in her hair.

Round Number Two: March 21, 2005
Judges: Lydia Eccles of Oni Gallery, Bryan Szela aka Pheobe Klein, and Debbie Nicholson of Eximious Productions.

Contestant name: Compiled Score

Belinda Davenport: 95.5
Nomi Sparks: 111.5
Jasna Vombek (our Serbian contestant): 116
Richard Lance: 126
Nicholle Pride: 127
Fena Barbitall: 135.5
Systyr Act (aka Travis and Greg): 148.5

I was so excited to have a foreign contesant! Alas, she didn't go over well with our judges. Richard Lance was an adorable drag king newbie. We hope to see him around more. And Nicholle Pride seized the crowd's attention with her first spoken word number which was fierce, funny and moving. I love seeing poetry in motion at Jacque's. But the winners were Fena and her neon gorgeousness, and Systyr Act who had us all in stiches the entire time. Their first song was "Sisters" and then Sister Sarah Jessica Parker, or was it Sister Mary Louise Parker, I can't keep the straight, whipped out the accoustic guitar and nearly had us all singing along. All for the sake of the Church of the Children, and their "Organ Reconstruction" efforts. God, I love drag.

Round Number Three: April 18, 2005
Judges: Wendy with the mohawk from Liquid, Jeannie Greeley from Stuff@Night, and Drag King Frankie Cocktail. And! They all came in stupendeous costumes.

Contestant name: Compiled Score

Belinda Davenport: 40
Playboy: 45
Richard Lance: 104
The Showman: 112
Sir Loins and The Galaxy Girls (tied): 138

First of all, the show started out with a hysterical entry by the contestants and the cast to the tune of the 70's "The Streak" in honor of it being Patriot's Day and Marathon Monday. We all ran into the club from the back door, with Boston Marathon numbers and panted around the audience. Then Heywood (whose number was "LAST" talked about how he had ran the whole thing, picked up the cast on the way and got to Jacque's just in time. We even had 1996 marathon winnerUta Pippig in the house to talk about her hard training. We had a blast! But man, these judges were harsh! Those scores are really low. Personally, I would have picked Richard Lance over The Showman based on his Neil Diamond patriot number. But The Showman, a 60+ year old "professional" Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator, did actually sing. The Playboy spread coffee all over the place while lip synching a couple of songs wearing a dapper outfit. Sir Loins/Donita Roxx did a number in femme drag and one in gogo boy drag and gyrated all over the audience and judges. Plus her Coxxxs had blood with them! The Galaxy Girls have been hula hooping for about a year and the twiggy girls won over the audience with their antics. In the end the judges had to call a tie, so they split the $50 with Sir Loins and they'll both go to the last round.

Check the press section for Bay Window's review of the show. And check the photos section for illustration.

Round Number Four: May 16, 2005 Judges: Gunner Scott from and Gender Crash, Matie of the pink hair and the sex shop, and Beth from Hollywood as Crystal Meth.

Contestant name: Compiled Score

Belinda Davenport: 100
Mika: 103
Kiki: 113
Ms. Dominica K: 115
Sonia: 127
Calista: 131

I was looking forward to Yours Truly's numbers, but they were too busy getting out of jail to come down to Jacque's. Regardless, we had a blast and the competition was great, not as diverse as in the past but still really fun. Plus, we had special appearances by Fena Barbitall and And So No Sin! If you take a look at the photos, Calista is the mohalk one and Sonia is the foxy lady in the white strips of fabric number. Sonia just moved to town and it was her first time performing in Boston! We gave her a nice welcome. Calista was gorgeous and fierce and we respect a girl who can rock the lady-suit as well as she did. Mika lip synched over an original song she recorded at home. It had something to do with panties and was really funny even if the vocals were low in the mix. Then she pretended to be an old Wellesley lesbo alumni and played a song on her guitar. Since Mr. lady wasn't with us Belinda decided to borrow some of his moves and drank someone's drink while on their table. She even picked up Laurel Sparks in some kind of show of strength move and launched herself onto our friend Lynn as well. I loved Ms. Dominica K's male drag and live vocal rendition of a Devo song! She's so brave and the outfit was hysterical.

Round Number Five: June 20, 2005 Judges: Secret Cock!
Contestant name: Compiled Score

Mr. Lady: 148
Miss Nicholle Pride: 105
Richard Lance: 100
Belinda: 77

This show was a nightmare. We had all of these people cancel and then all of these contestants show up and want to perform but who were unprepared. It was crazy. And then, Mr. Lady, Nicholle and Richard turned it out! And Secret Cock were a lot of fun and didn't even mind when I had to cut their acoustic set short. In the end Mr. Lady won with a couple of pieces she's never done at TW, they were more performance art and some spoken word. And Miss Nicholle Pride with her hot body and intellect, and amazing command of the audience. Plus! she did a number with food, and we love food. Though Heywood is still trying to get the stains out of his khakis.

Round Number Six: July 18, 2005 Judges: Dave Geissler (Musk, Scrapple), Hilken Mancini (Count Me Outs, Honeyspot), Vice V'Ersatile of Varietae.
Contestant name: Compiled Score

Yours Truely: 133
Angela: 120
Revolution: 99
Maryanne Macrame: 99 Belinda: 89

This show was an amazing one. We had Da Lipstyxx in the house from NYC for the mid show break. They were so amazing and gorgeous and fun. People were thanking me after for bring them to town, which always does my heart good. Plus Heywood busted out New York City Rhythm in their honor and sponaneously, during the long latin influenced interlude at the end, the judges got up on stage with him and they had a little dance off. It was completely unplanned and it was so magical! And Heywood did one of his side splitting back bends! But then the competition was great too. Yours Truely worked the crazy dance thing so well. And Angela shook and sung their asses off. It was really a great contest.

At the end of the show, since it was the last round before the run off, Heywood decided to give two wild cards to two performers who were consistant and supportive performers who improved a lot and were often misunderstood by the audience. It's his show, and he can do those kinds of things. Those went to Richard Lance and Miss Dominica K and it allows them to compete in the final run off for $500 if they chose to.

Final Round: September 19, 2005 Judges: Abe Rybeck of the Theater Offensive, Michael Brodeur of The Weekly Dig, Ryan Lindsey from Bay Windows, Heather Kapplow who makes videos and is funny, Katz from Athens Boys Choir and Nigel Simon who djs and is trying to figure it all out.
Contestant name: Compiled Score

The top three scores:
Windsor Newton: 270
Miss Nicholle Pride: 267
Angela: 265
Windsor Newton took home a bunch of cash and a bunch of prizes equalling over $500. All this for sucking the toes of a certain judge and for having a smokin' pussy. Nice job Windsor!

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