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I've been documenting ever since I got a camera in kindergarden. Taking and processing all of these takes a lot of time. If you want to use them for anything from the mundane to the professional, please email me for permission first, and if agreed, photo credit Aliza Shapiro or I can provide high res images if needed. email alizashapiro @ g mail. com (but close the gaps) It costs money to keep this archive site going. If you'd like to donate to help please hit the link to PayPal above. Thanks.

(nts) = not truth serum event... however, not all nts events are marked yet.

Click here for Truth Serum's YouTube Channel Lots of videos of performances and some of my friends including Norris Branscombe (dirty joke man). Also, I am starting to put shows on Vimeo, so check that out: click here.

2021.02.10 Was my birthday! So, you know, I put together a party / show via zoom: with:
Xray Aims, Cotton Candy, Jef Czekaj, Rush Frazier, Gilmore Tamny , Shelley Marlow, Anjimile, Thalia Zedek, Henry Horenstein, Audrey Harrer, Mo B. Dick, Juba Kalamka, Aliza Shapiro ! it was pretty amazing, if I don't say myself!

2013.07.26 TraniWreck: Old + Now... Part 1 and Part 2
TraniWreck was 9 years old for this show, and it was 2 year anniversary of my stroke, so... we had to have in. And boy we did!

there are these by Hans Wendland this and that
other folks are on flickr too. here
2013.02.22 TraniWreck: Why Not?! Heywood, Johnny Blazes, Aliza Shapiro and bunch of others celebrate their birthday... Why Not?

because i'm always going to do this, here is info about the halloween bike ride is here.

2012.04.08 Dr. Sketchy featuring Strawberry Creme Pie
2012.03.27 Dr. Sketchy featuring someone whose name is secret
2012.02.28 Dr. Sketchy featuring Mary Dolan
2012.02.26 Ladies Rock Camp Boston 2012.02.26 NTS
2012.02.12 Dr. Sketchy featuring Marilyn Meow
2012.02.09 TraniWreck photos by Hans Wendland
2012.01.24 Dr. Sketchy featuring Femme Brulee
2012.01.08 Dr. Sketchy featuring Lilly Bordeaux

2011.12.29 Wreckage: Contest show photos by Hans Wendland
2011.12.29 TraniWreck: WRECKAGE the contest show! December 29, 2011
2011.12.11 Dr. Sketchy featuring Madge of Honor
2011.11.20 MIX NYC 2011.11.20 not really... NTS
2011.11.17 Shondes 2011.11.17 NTS
2011.11.15 RISD Reunion and baseball game 2011.11.15
2011.11.13 Dr. Sketchy featuring Aquanette Jones
2011.10.31 2011 Halloween Bike Ride
2011.10.23 MEN 2011.10.23 NTS
2011.10.12 Shunda K of Yo Majesty at Church 2011.10.12 NTS
2011.10.14 Wild Flag 2011.10.14 NTS
2011.10.02 HONK Parade! 2011.10.02 NTS
2011.09.16 Benefit TraniWreck September 16, 2011
2011.09.16 TraniWreck photos by Justin Moore
2011.09.15 amazing work by Liz Collins 2011.09.15 NTS

In July 2011 I had the first stroke, the second stroke in July 2013, two years and one day separated these events. Not only that, the night before each trip to the hospitals, I had hosted TraniWreck! WTF! This explains why archive is difficult. No? (haha) Let me start by sharing my stroke with you...
Here it is.

In honor of my first stroke, happening during and after a TrainWreck show on July 24, 2011, I put together the video of the show. This is kind of painful to me, and/tho all night was amazing. You can check it out at the Truth Serum video which will be the home of more in the future!
Because the songs performed to were often drag realness/lip-synch, and I'm afraid the video will get wiped out, you have to go to:
Watch this: TraniWreck: GOLD (the New edition) 2011.07.24
Password: TraniWreck.2011.07.24

Everybody said something was wrong... Little did I know that I was having a stroke. The next day I went to the hospital.
2011.07.24 TraniWreck: the big after, the big fall July 24, 2011

2011.07.21 Vela Phelan at Mills Gallery 2011.07.21 NTS
2011.07.19 Girls Rock Camp Boston 2011.07.19
2011.07.10 Dr. Sketchy featuring Ludella
2011.06.28 Dr. Sketchy featuring The Bunny Collaborative
2011.06.28 Dr. Sketchy featuring The Bunny Collaborative (2)
2011.06.25 New Yord Dyke March 2011.06.25 NTS
2011.06.21 Penny Arcade gives at talk in Ptown 2011.06.21 NTS
2011.06.19 Salacious Mag release party
2011.06.16 A party featuning Frieda Fries 2011.06.16 NTS
2011.06.12 Dr. Sketchy featuring Madelaine Ripley and Tess Aquarium
2011.06.11 TraniWreck marching in Boston Pride Parade! (photos by Derek Kouyoumjian) June 11, 2011
2011.06.11 TraniWreck takes the stage at Pride

2011.06.10 Boston Dyke March 2011 2011.06.10 NTS

A video of the show! TraniWreck: GLORY 2011.06.09
Password: TraniWreck.2011.06.09

2011.06.09 TraniWreck: GLORY (photos by Justin Moore) June 9, 2011
2011.06.09 TraniWreck: GLORY (photos Aliza) June 9, 2011
2011.06.09 TraniWreck: GLORY (photos by David Aquilina) June 9, 2011
2011.06.09 TraniWreck: GLORY (photos by Derek Kouyoumjian) June 9, 2011
2011.06.09 TraniWreck: GLORY (photos by Steve Wollkind) June 9, 2011
2011.06.06 Boston Pride Pageant 2011 2011.06.06
2011.06.05 Lovers and Shepherdess 2011.06.05 NTS
2011.06.05 Boston Circus Guild "Reign of Revelry" 2011.06.04 NTS
2011.05.30 Freedia 2011.05.30 NTS
2011.05.28 New York Per4mances #2 at MEME gallery 2011.05.28
2011.05.26 Gorgeous Justin V. Bond 2011.05.26
2011.05.24 Dr. Sketchy featuring Nomi Sparks May 24, 2011

a video of the show: TraniWreck: KINK 2011.05.19
Password: 2011.05.19TraniWreck
2011.05.19 TraniWreck: KINK (photos by me and others) May 19, 2011
2011.05.19 TraniWreck: KINK (photos by Derek Kouyoumjian) May 19, 2011

2011.05.13 Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, The Bunny Collaborative, and Do Not Forsake Me 2011.05.13
2011.05.08 Dr. Sketchy featuring Princess Kali May 08, 2011
2011.05.07 New York Per4mances #1 at MEME gallery 2011.05.07
2011.05.05 (nts) Schpongle featuring Zebbler's videos May 05, 2011
2011.05.02 Perestroika 2011.05.02
2011.04.29 TraniWreck at MOMENTUM April 29, 2011
2011.04.26 Dr. Sketchy featuring Johnny Blazes and Madge of Honor April 26, 2011
2011.04.24 (nts) Hunx and his punx et al at TT's April 24, 2011
2011.04.22 indie rock band Grass Widow 2011.04.22
2011.04.21 Girls Rock Camp Boston benefit 2011.04.21
2011.04.19 Joan as Policewoman 2011.04.19
2011.04.16 indie rock band IDA plays a rare set 2011.04.16
2011.04.14 TraniWreck: TraniWrock with Come, part I (photos by Derek Kouyoumjian) April 14, 2011
2011.04.14 TraniWreck: TraniWrock with Come, part II (photos by Derek Kouyoumjian) April 14, 2011
2011.04.14 TraniWreck: TraniWrock with Come, part III (photos by Derek Kouyoumjian) April 14, 2011
2011.04.14 TraniWreck: TraniWrock with Come (photos by Tim Bugbee) April 14, 2011
2011.04.14 TraniWreck: TraniWrock with Come (photos by Aliza) April 14, 2011
2011.04.12 Kaia Wilson, Jennifer O'Connor, Zbornak and Sister Spaceman April 12, 2011
2011.04.10 Dr. Sketchy featuring KAZ April 10, 2011
2011.04.06 Mike Watt 2011.04.06
2011.04.1-2 Bike Porn
2011.03.22 Dr. Sketchy featuring Malice in Wonderland March 22, 2011
2011.03.22 Dr. Sketchy featuring Malice
2011.03.13 Dr. Sketchy featuring Ms. Savannah Sly March 22, 2011
2011.03.13 Thalia Zedeke 2011.03.13
2011.03.11 MEN, Tayisha Busay, Cherie Lily 2011.03.11
2011.03.09 Rogue Burlesque 2011.03.09
2011.03.07 Wild Flag 2011.03.07
2011.02.13 Dr. Sketchy Featuring Lolli Hoops and Juicy Sunday, February 13, 2011
2011.02.13 Dr. Sketchy with Lolli Hoops and Juicey (photos by Justin Moore) Febryary 13, 2011

A video of the show! TraniWreck: GOLD (Special Birthday Show!) 2011.02.10
Password: TraniWreck.2011.02.10
2011.02.10 TraniWreck: Birthday show photos by Ethan Bickford February 10, 2011
2011.02.10 TraniWreck: The Birthday Edition! Photos by Derek Kouyoumjian Thursday, February 10, 2011
2011.02.10 TraniWreck: The Birthday Edition! Thursday, February 10, 2011
2011.01.16 Salacious Magazine Launch Party Sunday, January 16, 2011
2011.01.13 TraniWreck: GOLD Thursday January 13, 2011
2011.01.09 Dr. Sketchy Boston featuring Persephone Sunday January 9, 2011
2011.01.09 Justin Moore's gorgeous photos of Dr. Sketchy Boston featuring Persephone Sunday January 9, 2011

2010.12.23 Cream of Sadness (nts) December 23, 2010
2010.12.22 Hypothesis 2010.12.22
2010.12.21 The Buttcracker (nts) December 21, 2010
2010.12.12 Dr. Sketchy featuring Johnny Blazes and Madge of Honor Sunday, December 12, 2010
2010.12.12 Justin Moore's amazing photos of Dr. Sketchy Boston featuring Johnny Blazes and Madge of Honor Sunday December 12, 2010
2010.12.10 Holiday Handjobs 2010 Friday, December 10, 2010
2010.12.09 TraniWreck: Wreckage the contest/show December 9, 2010
2010.12.09 TraniWreck: Wreckage the contest show! (Part 1) photos by Derek Kouyoumjian Thursday December 9, 2010
2010.12.09 TraniWreck: Wreckage the contest show! (Part 2) photos by Derek Kouyoumjian Thursday December 9, 2010
2010.12.09 TraniWreck: Wreckage the contest show! (Part 3) photos by Derek Kouyoumjian Thursday December 9, 2010

2010.11.21 TraniWreck: TransGiving photos by Derek Kouyoumjian Sunday November 21, 2010
2010.11.21 TraniWreck: TransGiving Sunday November 21, 2010

A video of the show! TraniWreck: TransGiving 2010.11.21
Password: TraniWreck.2010.11.21

2010.11.20 TraniWreck at Transcending Boundaries November 20, 2010
2010.11.19 Cazwell November 19, 2010
2010.11.17 Billy Ruane's Birthday Bash and Memorial Show Wednesday November 17, 2010
2010.11.14 Dr. Sketchy featuring Lady Lapin Sunday, November 14, 2010
2010.11.14 Lover, Shepherdess, To the Wedding, Zbornak November 14, 2010
2010.11.11 MixNYC- photos from the festival Nov. 11-13, 2010
2010.11.11 Samuael Topiary's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (with C. Ryder Cooley)Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010
2010.11.01 Perestroika at Jacque's (not a Truth Serum Show...)Monday Nov. 1, 2010
2010.10.31 Halloween Bike Ride October 31, 2010
2010.10.17 New Jew* Revue photos by Derek Kouyoumjian Sunday October 17, 2010
2010.10.17 The New Jew* Revue Sunday, October 17, 2010
2010.09.19 TraniWreck photos by Justin MooreFriday August 13, 2010
2010.09.12 Dr. Sketchy featuring Marilyn Meow
2010.08.13 TraniWreck photos by David Aquilina Friday August 13, 2010

2010.08.13 Derek Kouyoumjian's photos of TraniWreck: GOLD IV PART 1 Friday August 13, 2010
2010.08.13 Derek Kouyoumjian's photos of TraniWreck: GOLD IV PART 2 Friday August 13, 2010

2010.07.16 Derek Kouyoumjian's photos of TraniWreck: GOLD III Friday July 16, 2010
2010.07.16 David W. Aquilina's photos of TraniWreck: GOLD III Friday July 16, 2010

2010.06.13 Dr. Sketchy featuring Johnny Blazes Sunday June 13, 2010
2010.06.12 Dyke March and Pride. TraniWreck performed on the mainstage. Friday June 11 and Saturday June 12, 2010
2010.05.30 Dallas White's photos of TraniWreck and friends in the Boston Pride Parade 2010. Saturday June 12, 2010
2010.05.30 TraniWreck: GOLD II photos (camera 2) Sunday May 30, 2010
2010.05.30 TraniWreck:GOLD II photos (camera 1) Sunday May 30, 2010
2010.05.30 Derek Kouyoumjian's photos of TraniWreck: GOLD II Sunday May 30, 2010
2010.05.24 Dr. Sketchy featuring Nomi Sparks
2010.05.20 Drag Workshop at SWS in BHS Thursday May 20, 2010
2010.05.12 Rogue Burlesque with Truth Serum friend Honeysuckle Hype Wednesday May 12, 2010
2010.05.12 CineMental featuring Riot Acts and Systry Act Wednesday may 12, 2010
2010.05.09 Dr. Sketchy with Cameryn Moore Sunday May 9, 2010
2010.05.08 Photos from Truth Serum's presentations at The Boston LGBT Film Festival May 8, 2010

2010.04.30 Heywood Wakefield's photos of TraniWreck: GOLD I Friday April 30, 2010
2010.04.30 Camera No.2's (I think the Bitches of Destiny passed it around!) photos of TraniWreck: GOLD I Friday April 30, 2010
2010.04.30 Justin Moore's AMAZING TraniWreck: GOLD I photos Friday April 30, 2010
2010.04.21 Derek Kouyoumjian's photos of Bike Porn Screening NSFW Wednesday April 21, 2010
2010.04.21 Bike Porn Rolls Through Boston: NSFW Wednesday April 21, 2010
2010.04.11 Dr. Sketchy with Rogue Burlesque Sunday April 11, 2010
2010.03.14 Dr. Sketch with Bitches of Destiny Sunday March 14, 2010
2010.02.14 Dr. Sketchy with Jaclyn Friedman Sunday February 14, 2010
2010.02.07 Utero-a-GoGo II (benefit for my hysterectomy) Sunday, February 7, 2010
2010.02.05 Utero-a-GoGo I (benefit for my hysterectomy) Friday, February 5, 2010
2010.01.15 TraniWreck: Camera One, Part One Friday January 15, 2010
2010.01.15 TraniWreck: Camera One, Part Two Friday January 15, 2010
2010.01.15 TraniWreck: Camera Two, Part One Friday January 15, 2010
2010.01.15 TraniWreck: Camera Two, Part Two Friday January 15, 2010
2010.01.10 Dr. Sketchy with Madame Psychosis Sunday January 10, 2010

2009.12.18 Holiday Handjobs 2009 Friday, December 18, 2009
2009.12.01 Rogue Waves at Queer Collab Tuesdays at Zuzu! Tuesday December 1, 2009
2009.12.01 World Aids Day Tuesday December 1, 2009
2009.11.24 Abundance: DJs Kingdom, Ripley, and Dirty Jean at Milky Way Tuesday November 24, 2009
2009.11.23 Dharia McGrew's great TraniWreck TransGiving Spectacular photos! Monday November 23, 2009
2009.11.23 TraniWreck TransGiving Spectacular benefit for MTPC! Johnny sang live, Goldie Peacock joined us from Portland, ME and even Norris came out! Monday November 23, 2009
2009.11.18 CineMental with Cary Cronenwett and his film Maggots and Men Wednesday November 18, 2009
2009.11.17 TUSH with DJ SuperSquirrel photos by Kelly Creedon Tuesday November 17, 2009
2009.11.01 Hidden Camera 2009.11.01
2009.10.31 2009 Halloween Bike Ride 2009.10.31
2009.10.21 CineMental with Michelle Lawler and her film Forever's Gonna Start Tonight and Mark Payne's film Get Happy Wednesday October 21, 2009
2009.10.20 TUSH featuring DJ Christopher Muther Tuesday October 20, 2009
2009.09.23 TraniWreck (camera 2) with special guests Benny E., Aiden Cockenbalz, Mehran, and Khane cutting hair. Wednesday September 23, 2009
2009.09.23 TraniWreck (camera 1) with special guests Benny E., Aiden Cockenbalz, Mehran, and Khane cutting hair. Wednesday September 23, 2009
2009.09.22 Nu Life with DJs Rizzla and D'hana and featuring Benni E. Tuesday September 22, 2009
2009.09.15 TUSH with DJs Kat Fyte and Philomina Tuesday September 15, 2009

i'm way behind...
2009.11.18 Dr. Sketchy at Mass Art featuring Mr. Reusch, Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, Brown Girls Burlesque, and Molly Crabapple!
info about the halloween bike ride is here.

2009.09.19_Urban Country Fair

2009.09.01 Joseph Colbourne and DJ SunOne's Contact night 2009.09.01
2009.08.28 Body Heat Tour 2009 2009.08.28
2009.08.27 The Shondes at Middle East Up (nts) 2009.08.27
2009.08.25 Dr. Sketchy Featuring Kitty Fox at O'brien's 2009.08.25
2009.08.25 Fruitcake: Annie and Caitlin's Queer Collab Tuesday at Zuzu! 2009.08.25
2009.08.18 Nu Life No. 2 DJ D'hana and DJ Rizzla's Queer Collab Tuesday 2009.08.18

2009.08.14 TraniWreck Returns! (these ones are by Kae) August 14, 2009
2009.08.14 TraniWreck Returns! (these ones are by Aliza Shapiro aka Heywood Wakefield) August 14, 2009
2009.08.14 TraniWreck Returns! (these ones are by Dharia McGrew) August 14, 2009

2009.08.11 TUSH No.2 featuring Angela! 2009.08.11
2009.08.10 Trade No.1 (nts) 2009.08.10
2006.08.07 Old TraniWreck photos from Jacque's that never made it up...odd blast from the past! 2006.08.07
2009.08.05 QWOC+Boston's spoken word and performance event 2009.08.05
2009.08.04 Rude Dog...Lone Wolf's Queer Collab Tuesda 2009.08.04
2009.08.03 Perestroika (nts) 2009.08.03
2009.08.02 Shepherdess, Gramercy Arms, Soft Power Concert (nts) 2009.08.02
2009.07.28 Fruitcake: Annie and Caitlin's Queer Collab Tuesday at Zuzu! 2009.07.28
2009.07.21 TUSH No. 1 Truth Serum's Queer Collab Tuesday 2009.07.21
2009.07.18 ArtBeat in Davis Square: UtiliTies and Dr. Sketchy! 2009.07.18
2009.07.16 Micachu and Anni Rossi at Great Scott (nts) 2009.07.16
2009.07.14 Nu Life no.1 DJ D'hana and DJ Rizzla's Queer Collab Tuesday 2009.07.14
2009.07.13 Revival Dance Party...the last one with The Brandons and Ian July 13, 2009
2009.07.12Devilicia and Mr. Reusch model for Dr. Sketchy July 12, 2009
2009.07.07 Queer Collab No. 1: Rude Dog with DJs Lone Wolf and Joseph Colbourne at Zuzu! July 7, 2009
2009.06.27 Versus and Rebecca Gates (and Buffalo Top)...NTS June 27, 2009
2009.06.25 Improv Boston's Queer Comedy night featuring some friends 2009.06.25
2009.06.23 Dr. Sketchy Featuring Gingerita and Toni (and Aliza) Tuesday 2009.06.23
2009.06.19 MEN in Providence...NTS June 19, 2009
2009.06.18 MEN in Boston...NTS (or they would have had a better crowd! June 18, 2009
2009.06.17 Happy Endings at CineMental with filmmaker Tara Hurley June 17, 2009
2009.06.13 a small amount of Boston Pride...marching with The Theater Offensive June 13, 2009
2009.06.12 Boston Dyke March part 3 June 12, 2009
2009.06.12 Boston Dyke March part 2 June 12, 2009
2009.06.12 Boston Dyke March part 1 June 12, 2009
2009.06.11 QWOC+Boston and MadFemmePride's Optionz Party June 11, 2009
2009.06.06 P.J. Harvey at House of Blues in Boston...NTS June 6, 2009
2009.06.01 Mr. Lady returns for Perestroika...NTS June 1, 2009
2009.05.11 Revival Dance Party...NTS May 11, 2009
2009.05.11 Fischerspooner at Roxy...NTS May 11, 2009
2009.05.10 Jess Hess models for Dr. Sketchy May 10, 2009
2009.05.22 Cotton Candy and The In Out (nts) 2009.05.22
2009.05.19 Momus (nts) 2009.05.19
2009.05.17 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Fruit FlySunday May 17, 2009
2009.05.15 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Men's Shorts and Baby LoveFriday May 15, 2009
2009.05.14 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Sex Positive Thursday May 14, 2009

2009.05.11 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: It's My Life: A South Asian Queer Story in USA Monday, May 11, 2009.
2009.05.10 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Queerment Qu�bec: New Voices (Queerly Canadian) shorts program Sunday May 10, 2009.
2009.05.10 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: The Art of Being Straight Sunday May 10, 2009.
2009.05.09 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Showgirls, Provincetown, MA Saturday May 9, 2009.
2009.05.08 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Between Love and Goodbye Friday May 8, 2009.
2009.05.07 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Men's Opening Night with Pedro Thursday May 7, 2009.
2009.05.06 The Boston LGBT Film Festival: Women's Opening Night with I Can't Think Straight with dance performance by Mesma S. Belsare Wednesday May 6, 2009.
2009.04.29Dr. Sketchy at Samson Projects Tuesday April 29, 2009
2009.04.24Fuse - circus, burlesque, drag show in Northampton Friday, April 24, 2009
2009.04.23 Heywood Wakefield, ANT, and friends at MIT's Fierce Forever April 23, 2009

2009.04.14 Johnny Blazes and M. Hanora model for Dr. Sketchy April 14, 2009
2009.04.06 Launch party for The Boston LGBT Film Festival Monday April 6, 2009.

2009.03.25 Mt. Goats and John Vanderslice March 25, 2009 (NTS)
2009.03.24 Bill Arning's going away reception at MIT's List March 24, 2009.
2009.03.18 Stereo Total and Leslie and the Ly's March 18, 2009 (NTS)
2009.03.16 Becca and Katya's Cherry show March 16, 2009 (NTS)
2009.03.17 Shepherdess at the Milky Way...(NTS)... March 17, 2009.
2009.03.08 Dr. Sketchy featuring Big Moves' Babes, Dirty Nellie and Kit Wilde Sunday March 8, 2009.

2009.03.08 The Last TraniWreck at The Milky Way Lounge and Lands (but not our last one ever! we're just on spring break.) Sunday March 8, 2009
2009.03.02Perestroika...not a ts show but full of TraniWreckers March 2, 2009.
2009.02.24 Dr. Sketchy featuring Cathy Cathodic Tuesday February 24, 2009
2009.02.20 Johnny Blazes Big Birthday Benefit Bash, part one. Friday February 20, 2009
2009.02.20 Johnny Blazes Big Birthday Benefit Bash, part one. Friday February 20, 2009

2009.02.12 Check out DJ Lone Wolf's videos of our Collabo Todo Mundo dance party! Thursday February 12, 2009
2009.02.12 Todo Mundo Collabo with Truth Serum featuring Hey Willpower Thursday February 12, 2009
2009.02.11 Holiday Handjobs No. 1 Wednesday February 11, 2009

2009.02.08 TraniWreck with guests The Shondes Sunday February 8, 2009
2009.02.08 TraniWreck Returns! February 8, 2009
a video of the show! TraniWreck: the birthday show 2009.02.08
Password: TraniWreck 2009.02.08

2009.02.08 Dr. Sketchy featuring Becca D'Bus Sunday February 8, 2009

2009.01.28 Yo Majesty, Benni E, The Floacist, Letta Neely and DJ Nomadik Wednesday January 28, 2009
2009.01.21 CineMental with dance performance by Mesma and friends Wednesday January 21, 2009
2009.01.2 Dr. Sketchy Boston featuring Gingerita Tuesday January 20, 2009
2009.01.18 Drag King Workshop with Heywood Wakefield at MIT January 18, 2009
2009.01.19 Sela Morehouse makes her debut at Cherry Monday Jan. 19, 2009
2009.01.11 TraniWreck + The Shondes + bad weather = TraniWreck for free! Sunday Jan. 11, 2009
2009.01.11 Dr. Sketchy featuring Sugar Dish from Babes in Boinkland and Slutcracker! Sunday Jan. 11, 2009

2009.01.06 That Russian lady, Katya's show... Perestroika... Monday Jan. 05, 2009...oops i got the date wrong on the group...

2008.12.29 A selection of new UtiliTie if you want to buy anythingend of year 2008
2008.12.17 CineMental featuring The Godfather of Disco Wednesday December 17, 2008
2008.12.14 Dharia McGrew's photos of Wreckage! so good!! Sunday Dec. 14, 2008
2008.12.14 Dharia McGrew's photos of Wreckage... Sunday December 14, 2008

2008.12.14 TraniWreck's Contest Show Spawn: Wreckage! Andrés Won!!! Sunday Dec. 14, 2008
2008.12.14 Dr. Sketchy featuring Goldie Peacock Sunday Dec. 14, 2008
2008.12.04 Heywood Wakefield's Drag King Workshop Thursday Dec. 4, 2008
2008.12.04 Dharia McGrew's photos of the drag workshop December 4, 2008

2008.12.02 Dr. Sketchy featuring Coquette from Big Moves Tuesday Dec. 2, 2008
2008.12.01 Katya's show Perestroika Monday December 1, 2008
2008.11.20 CineMental presents Bears! Wednesday November 20, 2008
2008.11.18 My pals Athens Boys Choir and Ananatural! 2008.11.18
2008.11.17 Cherry No. 2 Monday November 17, 2008
2008.11.16 Scarce is still amazing!!! 2008.11.16

2008.11.09 Dr. Sketchy featuring Can Can Revolution Sunday November 09, 2008
2008.08.23 RISD Cats and Dogs baseball game August 23, 2008
2008.10.31 Halloween Bike Ride Set 1 Friday Oct. 31, 2008
2008.10.31 Halloween Bike Ride Set 2 Friday Oct. 31, 2008
2008.10.23 Willard Grant Conspiracy, Chris Brokaw, Drew O'Doherty at Lily Pad Thursday Oct 23, 2008

2008.10.16-19 Tons of IDKEX photos:
Brunch part 2 Sunday Oct. 19, 2008
Brunch part 1 Sunday Oct. 19, 2008
Showcase part 4 Saturday Oct. 18, 2008
Showcase part 3 Saturday Oct. 18, 2008
Showcase part 2 Saturday Oct. 18, 2008
Showcase part 1 Saturday Oct. 18, 2008
Burlesque/Femme Show Part 2 Friday Oct. 17, 2008
Burlesque/Femme Show Part 1 Friday Oct. 17, 2008
Dragdom Part 2 Friday Oct. 17, 2008
Dragdom Part 1 Friday Oct. 17, 2008
Meet and Greet Thursday Oct. 16, 2008

here are some links to other folks' IDKEX photos:
Tania Anderson's
Emily Mills'
kurzawa photography

2008.10.14 Ocean LeRoy performing at CineMental October 14, 2008
and here is video of Ocean LeRoy performing Femme Like You.

2008.10.12 Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School featuring Big Moves Sunday Oct. 12, 2008
2008.10.12 The Honk Festival! Sunday Oct. 12, 2008
2008.10.08 Black Women in Rock Concert at Berklee 2008.10.08
2008.10.04 TraniWreck's Big Benefit Extravaganza! Saturday Oct. 04, 2008

2008.10.03 Rick Berlin's record release party for Old Stag Friday Oct. 3, 2008

2008.10.02 Baby Dee and m.g. lederman concert: no still images, but there's video of it up at truth serum's youtube channel. Thursday, October 02, 2008

2008.09.28 Tabboo's opening performance at Participant Inc, NYC Sunday September 28, 2008
2008.09.20 Truth Serum's Urban Country Fair in Union Square Saturday September 20, 2008

check out our friend John J Pusateri Urban Country Fair
2008.09.17 CineMenta's Bi Film Program Wednesday September 17, 2008
2008.09.12 Dr. Sketchy Boston featuring Katrina Galore Sunday September 12, 2008
2008.08.02 Basta Ya!, Chick and Joyce of Scarce, Fortran, The Shondes at PA's Saturday August 2, 2008
2008.07.27 Death Vessel and some other bands at Milky Way (nts) 2008.07.27
2008.07.16 fAe Gibson at CineMental with Gender Redesigner by Johnny Bergman Wednesday July 16, 2008

2008.09.04 Big Moves' new kids! 2008.09.04
2008.08.30 Thalia Zedek and Sexpod (nts) 2008.08.30
2008.08.27 Evangelista at Paradise (nts) 2008.08.27
2008.08.10 Dr. Sketchy with Johnny Blazes, M. Hanora and friends Sunday August 10, 2008
2008.08.20 Trans Entities: Papi and Will at CineMental Wednesday August 20, 2008
2008.08.18 Shepherdess and Friends at Zuzu (nts) 2008.08.18
2008.08.16 Plus Minus +/- (nts) 2008.08.16
2008.08.15 Panther! (nts) 2008.08.15
2008.08.09 QWOC+Boston's field day Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008.08.07 QWOC+Boston's dance party Thursday August 7, 2008
2008.08.06 Outspoken: spoken word and perfromance Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008
2008.08.04 QWOC+Boston's Health Discussion Monday Aug 4, 2008
2008.07.26 Rock Show at Pa's Lounge Saturday July 26, 2008
2008.07.25 Mid Summer's Night Wet Dream by Varietae July 25, 2008
2008.07.13 Dr. Sketchy featuring Lola Sunday July 13, 2008
2008.07.13 TraniWreck Sunday July 13, 2008

2008.07.07 Katya's Perestroika Monday July 7, 2008
2008.07.02 Team Gina and Amy Kasio July 2, 2008
2008.06.29 The Theater Offensive WIP (works in progress) June 29, 2008
2008.06.28 Vice V'ersatile and Varietae June 28, 2008
2008.06.26 Hilken Mancini at Alchemist June 26, 2008
2008.06.23 Provincetown International Film Festival June 18-23, 2008
2008.06.15 AfterGlow:AfterParty at Milky Way Sunday June 15, 2008
2008.06.14 Boston Pride Saturday June 14, 2008
2008.06.13 Boston Dyke March part 3 Friday June 13, 2008
2008.06.13 Boston Dyke March part 2 Friday June 13, 2008
2008.06.13 Boston Dyke March part 1 Friday June 13, 2008
2008.06.11 The Cannanes at MUSK Wednesday June 11, 2008
2008.06.08 Boston Dr. Sketchy with Honey Suckle Sunday June 8, 2008
2008.06.07 The First New England Trans Pride Saturday June 7, 2008
2008.05.31 Love During War Time and Bone Zone May 31, 2008

2008.02.17 Photos of TraniWreck by Henry Horenstein and Allison Carroll Sunday February 17, 2008

2008.05.26 Mondo Homo Speakeasy Brunch May 26, 2008
2008.05.25 Mondo Homo Summer Camp May 25, 2008
2008.05.24 Mondo Homo Saturday Night part 2 May 24, 2008
2008.05.24 Mondo Homo Saturday Night part 1 May 24, 2008
2008.05.24 Mondo Homo Saturday Carnival part 2 May 24, 2008
2008.05.24 Mondo Homo Saturday Carnival part 1 May 24, 2008
2008.05.23 Mondo Homo Friday part 3 May 23, 2008
2008.05.23 Mondo Homo Friday part 2 May 23, 2008
2008.05.23 Mondo Homo Friday part 1 May 23, 2008
2008.05.22 Mondo Homo opening after party at Mary's in Atlanta May 22, 2008

2008.05.11 Dr. Sketchy with Nomi Sparks Sunday May 11, 2008
2008.04.29 and 2008.05.09 Drag King workshop and show with students at U. Mass. Boston Tuesday April 29 and Friday May 9, 2008
2008.05.09 NTS KIN Friday May 9, 2008 at Fran's in Lynn
2008.04.27 Scream Club, Systyr Act, Taiphoon Fantastic, DJ D'hana and David Dancer Sunday April 27, 2008
2008.04.24 Nappy Grooves from SF at MIT's Fierce Forever April 24, 2008
2008.04.23 Northern State, Dri, Watcher April 23, 2008
2008.04.22 The Thalia Zedek band's record release live show at WMBR April 22, 2008

2008.04.13 Dr. Sketchy featuring Miss Jess at Great Scott Sunday, April 13, 2008
2008.04.12 Body Heat: Femme Tour at Lily Pad Saturday, April 12, 2008

2008.04.06 TraniWreck at The Milky Way Sunday April 6, 2008
2008.04.06 Heywood's Drag King Workshop at Boston Skillshare Sunday April 6, 2008
2008.03.19 Lazlo Pearlman in Boston Wednesday March 19, 2008
2008.03.17 Becca D'Bus' Jaded Lounge at Jacque's Monday March 17, 2008
2008.03.16 Part II Homo Revolution Show at Great Scott Sunday, March 16, 2008
2008.03.16 Part I Homo Revolution Show at Great Scott Sunday, March 16, 2008
2008.03.15 Homo Revolution Youth Event at Cloud Space (day) Saturday, March 15, 2008
2008.03.15 Hanging with the Homo Rev posse (night) Saturday, March 15, 2008
2008.03.09 Dr. Sketchy featuring Miss Darcey Sunday, March 09, 2008

2008.03.03 MEN, Hey Willpower and DJ D'hana at Great Scott Monday, March 3, 2008
2008.02.17 TraniWreck sells out! Sunday February 17, 2008
2008.02.15 Sex Workers' Art Show: SWAS Friday, February 15, 2008 midnight
2008.02.15 Calvin Johnson and Mark Robinson (Cotton Candy) Friday, February 15, 2008 early
2008.02.13 Miss Darcey returns to Boston at Musk
2008.02.10 Boston's Dr. Sketchy (one year anniversary and my birthday with Frieda Fries Sunday, February 10, 2008
2008.02.01 Angela plays at the opening of Innapropriate Touching at WSAC 2008.02.02
2008.01.13 Boston's Dr. Sketchy with Johnny Blazes and Stud McMuffin Sunday, January 13, 2008

2007.12.09 Wreckage: The Contest Show Sunday December 9, 2007
2007.12.09 Dr. Sketchy Boston featuring handsome holiday hunks Max and Will Sunday December 9, 2007
2007.12.02 Crafts in the Clubs took over Great Scott December 2, 2007
2007.11.29 Heywood Wakefield's drag king workshop November 29, 2007
2007.11.16 Heywood Wakefield and Mr. Lady with the Student Dragsters of Tufts University Friday November 16, 2007
2007.11.11 Dr. Sketchy with Molly Crabapple and Black Cat Burlesque Sunday, November 11, 2007
2007.11.1 The Shondes with Quincunx and Watcher and Steven Beeber Sunday, November 11, 2007
2007.11.10 Billy Ruane's 50 B-Day, 20th anniversary of Middle East and Stephen Fredette Benefit November 10, 2007
2007.11.04 Michelle Tea's Sister Spit Next Generation Sunday, November 4, 2007
2007.10.31 Stephanie Yeow's photos of the Halloween Bike Ride Wednesday, October 31, 2007
2007.10.26 nts Pansy Division October 26, 2007
2007.10.23 nts Critique of Pure Reason presents: No Age and Sexy Prison October 23, 2007

2007.10.31 Boston's Halloween Bike Ride! 16 miles, 189 people! Wednesday, October 31, 2007
2007.10.23 Hilken Mancini working on 40 South, her new store in JP October 23, 2007

Finally, Heywood processed his IDKE 9: Vancouver 2007 photos. (He's so slow with the technology.) IDKE is a yearly gender and performance conference with workshops and discussions during the day and huge shows at night. Heywood got to MC one of the huge shows with Vancouver's Malaika Millions and he'd like to thank all of his back home supporters for helping get there. Happy New Year! (i'm sure i missed some names and performances, and there's a lot of candid shots mixed in. let me know if i screwed anything up big time.)

Dragdom Act 1 Ken Vegas & Manny Nuff, Kentuky Fried Woman, Owen, Rhythm Method & Jimmy D, Dick Blick & Joe D. Vice, Leroy, Slick Piston, Big Pappa, Jacke Spratt, Dickie Van Dyke, Venus Envy & Randy Fiasco, Base, Justin Zaas, Avery Austin & Eaton Johnson, Vick, Jay Walker & Delicio Del Toro, Holly Wouldn't, and Ocean.
Dragdom Act 2 Max Satisfaction & Peter Bigs, DJ Shorty & Holden Cox, Dirk Van Dick, Noah, Trixie Heart, Pepe Pan, Mia More, Charlie Hoarse, Justin Casey Cumms, 3$ Bill. (Heywood Wakefield and Malaika Millions MC'd Dragdom)
Showcase Act One Part A: Genderation Kings, Ocean LeRoy, DKPDX + The Soctt Bakula Dinner Theater Experience, Switch N Play.
Showcase Act One Part B: Androgyny Kings, Mantease, Gender Offenders, Blow N Go
Showcase Act Two Part A: The Transformers, Citizen Kings, Dykes Do Drag
Showcase Act Two Part B: Boys R Us, Toronto Group, Charm City Boys, A Sordid Collective
Showcase Act Three Part A: Kings N Things, Heywood Wakefield and Ms. Pinky Pegnoir (photos collected from other folks!), Butch Tap
Showcase Act Three Part B: Flare, Royal Renegades / Dangerous Productions
Traipsing around from club to club and partying after Showcase
The Bruch part One
The Brunch part Two

Heywood Wakefield and Ms. Pinky Pegnoir performance video!
I made a flickr account, but I'm going to stick with it if they want you to pay for more than 200 photos...(it's just a portion of these photos)

2007.10.16 Winsome Griffles with Spoilsport, Can Kickers, and The Stay at Home Ramblers Tuesday, October 16, 2007
2007.10.14 TraniWreck at the Milky Way: Fundraiser and Trash-o-rama Sunday, October 14, 2007
2007.10.14 Dr. Sketchy with Big Moves Sunday, October 14, 2007
2007.10.07 nts Marching bands at Honk/October Fest Sunday, October 7, 2007
2007.10.06 nts Scarce at TT the Bears after 10 years! Oct. 6, 2007
2007.09.28 Sxip Shirey's Sxip's Hour of Charm in Cambridge Sept. 28, 2007
2007.09.23 Urban Country Fair pics from 2007 from Jason Jedrusiak 2007.09.23
2007.09.23 The Urban Country Fair in Union Square, Somerville September 23, 2007

Sunday September 16, 2007: Heywood Wakefield hosts Speak Out Rock n Roll Benefit at Milky Way in JP. Good fun! Good cause! No Photos.
Friday September 7, 2007: 39 Seats for The 30 Steps: a midnight screening of Hitchcock's classic. Coolidge Corner Theatre

2007.09.09 Dr. Sketchy with Frau Carissa Sunday, Sept. 9, 2007
2007.09.08 nts All the Kings Men Contest Show Saturday, Sept. 8, 2007
2007.09.05 nts Big Moves @ Milky Way Wednesday Sept. 5, 2007
2007.08.30 STINKMITT II @ Midway Thursday August 30, 2007
2007.08.29 STINKMITT I @ Midway Wednesday August 29, 2007
2007.08.24 nts Space Pussy's last show in Ptown and Debbie's 50th! August 24, 2007
2007.08.22 Dave Derby's record release party with Shepherdess at Midway August 22, 2007
2007.08.19 HEATWAVE at Midway Sunday August 19, 2007
2007.08.13 nts Eleganza @ Jacque'sMonday August, 13, 2007
2007.08.12 Anti Slam: Bad Poetry Slam Chris Braiotta won! Sunday August 12, 2007
2007.08.12 Dr. Sketchy featuring Dottie Dimples Sunday August 12, 2007
2007.08.11 nts Farm Aid's Tour de Farm! August 11, 2007
2007.08.08 nts (NTS)Garland of Hours (with Mary Timony) August 8, 2007
2007.08.05 More Montreal Drag King workshop photos August 5, 2007
2007.08.05 Heywood MC'd Meow Mix in Montreal during Pride/Divercite August 5, 2007
2007.08.05 Heywood Wakefield's Strap it Down, Pack it In workshop in Montreal August 5, 2007
2007.07.26 Michelle Tea and friends at Midway Thursday July 26, 2007
2007.07.18 CineMental Wednesday July 18, 2007
2007.07.16 Becca D'Bus' Jaded Lounge Monday July 16, 2007
2007.07.15 nts Secret Stars, Mark Robinson, Ida, Thalia Zedek PA's Lounge July 15, 2007

2007.07.0 TraniWreck: Drag, Dissent and Decadence Sunday July 8, 2007
2007.07.08 Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Burlesque Life Drawing Session featuring Machete Sunday July 8, 2007
2007.07.05 Giddy-Up, Helicopter and Queereoke at The Midway in JP Thursday July 5, 2007

I went MondoHomo Dirty South 2007 a queer cultural festival that ran June 27-July 1 during the US Social Forum in Atlanta which was SO amazing! In just a few months the organizers put together a fabulous, full, and diverse program that kept me busy for 5 days. When it was time to say my thank yous, I realized I'd talked to something like 14 people trying to get my trip together, my performances worked out, my housing etc...Everyone was so great. No attitude even in the height of stress, just gorgeous chill southern hospitality! I'm really proud of the folks who put it together, grateful to have been included, and inspired by all of the other performers. Plus, I'm excited to try to get some of them to Boston!!! You hear me! Come to Boston!
MondoHomo Sunday
MondoHomo Saturday Part II
MondoHomo Saturday Part I
MondoHomo Friday
MondoHomo Thursday Part II
MondoHomo Thursday Part I
MondoHomo Wednesday

2007.06.25 Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, Katya, started Perestroika: a good place to flyer Monday June 25, 2007
2007.06.19 Ryan Landry's Showgirls in Ptown Monday June 19, 2007

Dr. Sketchy's happened on Sunday June 10 also, but I wasn't there to take photos. I'm hoping one of the nice art monkies will send me a link for their photos...please?

2007.06.10 AfterGlow:AfterParty with DJs Devinesoul from NYC and Miss Lady J along with some steamy films Sunday, June 10, 2007
2007.06.08 Boston Dyke March (set one) Friday, June 08, 2007
2007.06.08 Boston Dyke March (set two) Friday, June 08, 2007
2007.05.16 CineMental presents: The Odyssey at The Brattle with Ryder Cooley Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sunday May 13: El Calentito at The MFA and then an after party with videos by Tam Willey, Lisette Murphy and some music videos from Matt Thomas' comp. Backalley Jukebox. But no photos?

2007.05.13 Dr. Sketchy's Burlesque Life Drawing Sunday, May 13, 2007
2007.05.12 Boston Youth Pride Saturday, May 12, 2007
2007.04.28 RISD and Brown Drag Show Saturday, April 28, 2007
2007.04.27 Squids at the Oxfam Cafe at Tufts University Friday, April 27, 2007
2007.04.26 Sister Spit at Tufts University Thursday, April 26, 2007
2007.04.20 Heywood Wakefield at Divas in Northampton, MA with Fena Barbitall and Kings from Toronto, Springfield, and Noho. Friday, April 20, 2007
2007.04.19 Writers with Books Reading Featuring Letta Neely, Peggy Munson, Alicia Goranson, and Pagan Kennedy Thrusday, April 19, 2007
2007.04.15 Hip Hip and spoken word with: Deadlee, Feloni, Cathy Cathodic, Pandora Scooter, Letta Neely, Miss Nicholle Pride and DJ D'hana Sunday, April 15, 2007
2007.04.08 Easter Sunday Fun with Dr. Sketchy's Boston. Session No. 3 Sunday, April 8, 2007
2007.04.06 Fun at the Carpenter Center with an inflatable, Ho-Ag and Post TypographyFriday, April 6, 2007
2007.04.04 some dorchester photosWednesday April 4, 2007
2007.04.02 Perestroika means queens in Russian Monday April 2, 2007
2007.03.30 party at kaethe's house. party with slavic soul party.Friday March 30, 2007
2007.03.25 Systyr Act at BUFF 2006 Sunday, March 25, 2007
2007.03.11 Dr. Sketchy's Boston Session No.2 featuring Katrina Galore of Pan9 Sunday, March 11, 2007
2007.03.11 TraniWreck awakens from its winter slumber in the cave of The Milky Way! Sunday, March 11, 2007
2007.03.06 Love of Diagrams, Shepherdess and Squids Tuesday, March 06, 2007
2007.02.24 Varietae. I'm glad I don't have to produce everything! Saturday February 24, 2007
2007.02.17 Sex Workers' Art Show Saturday February 17, 2007
2007.02.11 Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Burlesque Life Drawing Session No.1 featuring Devilicia Sunday February 11, 2007
2007.02.10 Eric Hess' photos of our Brattle Benefit Saturday February 10, 2007
2007.02.10 Paris is Burning and Who's the Top with Drag Performances at the Brattle Saturday February 10, 2007
2007.01.14-15 interesting stuff in West Palm Beach Florida January 14-15, 2007


2006.12.28 Kimchee Records 10 year anniversary Friday, Decemeber 28, 2006
2006.12.27 Elf Wednesday at The Midway "Musk" Wednesday December 27, 2006
2006.12.10 Pernice Brothers at TT the Bears Sunday December 10, 2006
2006.12.09 Tufts University Drag Workshop and Show Saturday December 9, 2006
2006.12.08 Truth Serum's Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls benefit Friday December 8, 2006
a bunch of people performed at the benefit and Naughty Shirley too.
2006.12.02 Lucky 57's record release party at Abbey Lounge December 2, 2006
2006.11.25 Heywood, Nomi, Brian King, Miss Mary Mac, Little Red Coquette, and Rick Berlin in Gloucester November 11, 2006

Wreckage: The Final Contest 2006 was amazing. Click the link above to read about who won, and check out these photos.
2006.11.20 Wreckage: The Final Contest 2006 (set one) Monday Nov. 20, 2006
2006.11.20 Wreckage: The Final Contest 2006 (set two) Monday Nov. 20, 2006
Also! check out Antonius' (aka Suki Suki's) photos here. They're really great! Thanks Antonius.

2006.11.14 Reading of James Joyce's Dirty Letters and a few shots of the Hidden Cameras at Middle East Tuesday Nov. 14, 2006
2006.11.12-13 Mix19 Film and Performance Festival and other fun Tuesday Nov. 14, 2006
2006.11.05 Lynnee Breedlove, Ben McCoy, Wendy Delorme, Violet Valentino and Soce, the elemental wizard Sun. Nov. 05, 2006
2006.10.28 Halloween Fun at Amy Tyson's party and other places! Halloween 2006

2006.10.19-22 OMG!!! The IDKE.8 photos are up! October 19-22, 2006

2006.10.16 The last TraniWreck at Jacque's and a NEST fest Special Edition Monday October 16, 2006
2006.10.13 Joan Jett at Avalon in Boston and then Big Disapointments after at PA's Friday Oct. 13, 2006
2006.10.07 Liz Collins' Knitting Nation at RISD and some fun after Saturday Oct. 7, 2006
2006.10.02 TraniWreck Monday Nov. 02, 2006
2006.10.01 Emily Arkin and Chris Braiotta's wedding party Oct. 1, 2006
2006.10.31 2006 Halloween Bike Ride 18+ mi. of fun. Tuesday Halloween 2006
2006.10.09 Eugene Tan, aka Becca D'Bus' Jaded Lounge at Jacque's October 9, 2006
2006.09.30 2nd Annual Kirsten Malone Memorial Bike Ride and Fundraiser Saturday September 30, 2006
2006.09.27 The guy I took to my prom in 1987 (no, i won't post photos) John Hodgman (Resident Expert and PC) reading at Brookline Booksmith Sept. 27, 2006
2006.09.23 Flin Flon, Geoff Farina, MMM's Live Archive, Squids at PA's Lounge Saturday September 23, 2006
2006.09.21 Earl Dax's Weimar NYC Thursday September 21, 2006 at the Speigltent
2006.09.18 Wreckage: The Contest Show at Jacque's Monday, September 18, 2006
2006.09.10 Swan Island, Tricunx, Cathy Cathodic at The Midway Sunday, September 10, 2006
2006.09.04 Labor Day TraniWreck at Jacque's Monday, September 4, 2006
2006.08.21 Wreckage: The Contest show and our 2nd Birthday! Monday August 21, 2006
2006.08.14 Went to Eleganza on Monday August 14, 2006
While I was at Homo A GoGo Rally Truly manned the camera at TraniWreck Monday August 7, 2006

I went to Homo A GoGo August 1-6 and took a ton of photos. I didn't get to list everyone in the photos but focused on bands/acts that were on the stage. But there are plenty of fun candids of friends, new and old, mixed in.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four (day)
Day Four (evening)
Day Five
Day Six

2006.07.21 Peaches at Avalon in Boston July 21, 2006
Here's my interview with Peaches From the Boston Phoenix

2006.07.17 Wreckage: The Contest Show No. 4 Becca D'Bus wins it! The Showman comes in second! Monday July 17, 2006
2006.07.10 Awesome Music Show with Kiosk, Finally Punk, Squids and Muffstache at PA's Lounge Monday July 10, 2006
2006.07.03 TraniWreck: Drag, Dissent and Deportation! Katya fights for her right to stay in the US. July 3, 2006.
2006.06.30 Varietae It's not a Truth Serum show...but I love it so! June 30, 2006
2006.06.22 Square4 4ArtsCentral Benefit Heywood MC's. June 22, 2006
2006.06.22 The Institute for Infinitely Small Things' Mobile Mapping Studio which I designedat the YMCA June 22, 2006
2006.06.19 Wreckage: The Contest Show No. 3 Frieda Fries wins it! June 19, 2006
2006.06.14-18 Provincetown International Film Fest I went and had some fun! June 14-18, 2006
2006.06.09 Eric Hess' photos the Dyke March Friday, June 9, 2006
2006.06.09 Boston Dyke March set 2 Friday June 9, 2006
2006.06.09 Boston Dyke March set 1 Friday June 9, 2006
2006.06.08 Squids and U.V. Protection at Honeypump's Last Show Ever. June 8, 2006
2006.06.05 TraniWreck featuring guest star Violet Valentino June 5, 2006
2006.06.05 Eric Hess' photos of TraniWreck featuring Violet Valentino at Jacques Monday, June 5, 2006
2006.06.04 Eric Hess' photos of our Dyke March Benefit Show featuring Ian Harvie and Violet Valentinoat the Milky Way Sunday, June 4, 2006
2006.06.04 The Institute for Infinitely Small Things' Mobile Mapping Studio which I designedin Harvard Square June 04, 2006
2006.06.04 The Dyke March Benefit Show June 4, 2006

DC's drag show: Great Big
2006.05.21 Great Big Sunday Brunch May 21, 2006
2006.05.20 Great Big Drag King Show 6.1 part 2 May 20, 2006
2006.05.20 Great Big Drag King Show 6.1 part 1 May 20, 2006
2006.05.19 Great Big Drag King Show 6.0 part 2 May 19, 2006
2006.05.19 Great Big Drag King Show 6.0 part 1 May 19, 2006

2006.05.16 Strap It Down, Pack it In: Drag King workshop at Miko May 16, 2006
2006.05.15 Wreckage: The Contest Show with Luster De La Virgion May 15, 2006
2006.05.14 Deep Dickollective, Cathy Cathotic, Eject, Husky "n" Muskie at Great Scott May 14, 2006
2006.05.13 Heywood MC's Youth Pride with Luster De La Virgion May 13, 2006
2006.05.12 a couple of D/DC shots at the MFA May 12, 2006
2006.05.08 Strap It Down, Pack it In: Drag King workshop at Good Vibes in Boston May 8, 2006
2006.05.06 a few shots at Tom Bardwell's Declaration staring Miss Nicholle Pride May 6, 2006
2006.05.05 Fun in NYC...Art of The Night Life events, plus... May 3-6, 2006
2006.05.01 TraniWreck with Taylor Mac and Katya's birthday May 1, 2006
2006.04.29 Leslie and the Ly's last show in Boston?!?! April 29, 2006
2006.04.28 Hanging at IFFBoston the Independent Film Festival April 28, 2006
2006.04.17 Wreckage: The Contest Show April 7, 2006
2006.04.09 Lynnee Breedlove's One Tranny Show...mostly photos of Lynnee pissing on stage. April 9, 2006
2006.03.05 Sex Workers' Art Show 2006 March 5, 2006
2006.03.6-17 I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: East Coast Performers Cruise the West Coast March 6-17, 2006
2006.04.03 TraniWreck Returns Monday April 3, 2006
2006.02.12 Lester's Lounge Birthday Show with sara cooper, the french boys, thalia zedek and heather kaplow, mark robinson and hilken mancini. Sunday February 12, 2006. Milky Way.
2006.03.31 Varietae: Jesus Vice Superstar March 31, 2006
2006.01.15 Carissa's Bitte Liebling Zine release party January 15, 2006

2005.12.19 TraniWreck's Horrible Holiday Hell Show. Monday December 19, 2005
2005.12.05 TraniWreck Mr. Lady's last show with us! So sad. Monday December 5, 2005
2005.11.21 TraniWreck featuring The Cuntessa from NYC with crotch puppets and turkey burlesque. Monday November 21, 2005
2005.11.07 TraniWreck featuring Thru The Keyhole Burlesque. Monday November 7, 2005
2005.10.31 TraniWreck's Halloween Special Monday October 31, 2005 with Lisa Carver, Dame Darcy, the cast of Varietae, the Grindhouse Marionettes, Angela, the TraniWreck cast and friends...
2005.10.30 Mass Art Iron Pour Sunday October 30, 2005
2005.10.29 Halloween Party Fun Saturday October 29, 2005
2005.10.28 Halloween show with Femmetastic Fatales Friday October 28, 2005 Northampton

2005.10.20-23 IDKE.7 The International Drag King Extravaganza October 20-23, 2005 Winnipeg Canada

2005.10.17 TraniWreck Monday October 17, 2005 with Darlinda Just Darlinda
2005.08.15 Eric Hess's photos of TraniWreck's Birthday Show Monday August 15, 2005
2005.10.11 Systyr Act, La Gata Negra and other nun friends various dates.
2005.10.03 TraniWreck Monday October 3, 2005
2005.10.01 The Kirsten Malone Birthday Ride Fundraiser October 1, 2005
2005.09.19 Wreckage I: Finals The contest show everyone's been talking about! Check out the runway! So messy. We'll be starting up the contest again soon, so check back. Monday September 19, 2005
2005.09.05 TraniWreck Monday September 5, 2005
2005.08.15 TraniWreck One Year Birthday PartySO much fun!!! Monday August 15, 2005
2005.08.10 Phranc and The Knitters at The Paradise (not a TS event) Wednesday August 10, 2005
2005.08.01 TraniWreck No. 13 Monday August 1, 2005
2005.07.24 Heywood Wakefield, Rainbow Frite, The Fat-Bottom Revue from SF, Femmetastic Fatales, and Phat Fly Girls, Black Cat Burlesque, La Gata Negra Legue of Lady Wrestlers, Systyr Act. This show was HUGE! Milky Way JP Sunday June 25, 2005
2005.07.22 Heywood Wakefield, The Fat-Bottom Revue from SF, Femmetastic Fatales, and Phat Fly Girls at Eleven's in Northampton July 22, 2005
2005.07.18 Wreckage: The Contest Show Round Six The Final Preliminary Round with special guests from NYC Da LipStyxx (i am SO in love with them!!!) July 18, 2005
2005.07.13 The TraniWreck crew opens up for Hidden Cameras and Pony Da Look both from Toronto Wednesday July 13, 2005
2005.07.05 The Empties, Roh Delikat, Love of Diagrams from Australia, Leslie and the LY's Tuesday 07.05.2005
2005.07.04 TraniWreck No. 12 Drag, Dissent and Decadence and all things patriotic. Monday 07.04.2005
2005.06.25 The Humanimals (not a Truth Serum gig. but hella fun!) Saturday June 25, 2005
2005.06.20 Wreckage: The Contest Show Round Five June 20, 2005
2005.06.10 Boston Dyke March part 2 Friday June 10, 2005
2005.06.10 Boston Dyke March part 1 Friday June 10, 2005
2005.06.06 TraniWreck No. 11 Jacque's with The Femmetastic Fatales, Ms. Debra Kate/Ray Camero and Thalia Zedek. Monday 06.06.2005
2005.06.05 The Revoultion need DancersThe Dyke March Benefit Show. part 2. Sunday June 5, 2005
2005.06.05 The Revoultion need DancersThe Dyke March Benefit Show. part 1. Sunday June 5, 2005
2005.06.03 Matie's show with Athens Boys Choir folks June 3, 2005
2005.05.21 Boston Youth Pride with Michelle Tea, Letta Neely, Katastrophe, Leslie Feinberg, The Butchies and others. Saturday May 21, 2005
2005.05.16 Wreckage: The Contest Show Round Four. May 16, 2005
2005.05.15 Robo Sapien, Pal, Cassette, Leslie and the Ly's. Oh, also kickball photos from earlier in the day. Sunday May 15, 2005
2005.05.13 Triple M's Live Archive at MFA Thursday May 13, 2005
2005.04.04 TraniWreck No. 10 Jacque's and cockails after. Monday 05.02.2005
2005.04.29 And So No Sin at Mass Art. Not a truth serum thing, but fun nonetheless. April 29, 2005
2005.04.18 Wreckage: The Contest Show Round Three.
2005.04.16 Jaimes Mayhew's Panolpy Party. A benefit for Berwick Research Institute. April 16, 2005
2005.04.10 MixNYC film (and performance!) festival. April 10, 2005
2005.04.04 TraniWreck No. 9 with our cast and featuring NYC's Mike Albo. Monday 04.04.2005
2005.03.21 Wreckage: The Contest Show Round Two. With Systyr Act taking first place and $50 home, and Fena Barbitall coming in Second. Monday March 21, 2005
2005.03.18 Cross Gender Caravan: Charlie Anders, Tennessee Jones, and Carolyn Connolly read from their books and zines at the Lizard Lounge. Friday March 18, 2005
2005.03.17 Athens Boys Choir make Boston swoon at the Midway in JP on St. Patrick's Day, no less. Thursday, March 17, 2005
2005.03.15 New York Drag Squad (NYDS) hang with Athens Boys Choir at The Slipper Room in NYC. Tuesday March 15, 2005
2005.03.12 Sex Workers' Art Show hits Boston again! This year they had our own Ben McCoy/Mr. Lady with them. Saturday March 12, 2005
2005.03.07 TraniWreck No. 8 with our cast and featuring Enya Buttox Drag Queen for Social and Economic Justice. Monday 03.07.2005

Maggots and Men photos from the party and the shoot in vt.

2005.02.21 Wreckage: The Contest Show Round One. With Winsor Newton winning first place and Trash Habit winning second place. Monday, February 21, 2005
2005.02.18 Cherry Bomb presented by Murray Hill and Cheeseburger Rare. Heywood Wakefield got to go to the big city to play again...Friday February 18, 2005
2005.02.09 I'll Cry If I Want To Thalia Zedek, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Lovers and Seekonk at TT's Wednesday 02.09.2005
2005.02.07 TraniWreck No. 7 with our cast and Nomi Sparks and Noel Weber. Monday 02.07.2005

2005.02.04 BRI: AIR opening where my PodLab: a master plan for the BRI is installed Friday 02.04.05

2004.12.10 Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls Benefits. One at Zeitgeist Gallery. One at Midway Cafe. Friday December 10, 2004
2004.12.06 TraniWreck No.5 at Jacque's featuring Heywood Wakefield, Mr. Lady, Miss Dominica K, Donita Roxx / Sir Loins, Haiku King and our special guests: U.V.Protection. Monday December 6, 2004
2004.12.05 That crazy Sagatarian Bash that Laurel, Slamber, Debbie, Andrew, Mary and the others threw at the Villa Victoria. Sunday December 5, 2004
2004.11.15 I went to Tufts University and talked with Marcy Brink-Danan's (she's the one in the boyscout outfit!) Semiotics class about gender performance and we did a quicky drag workshop. November 15, 2004

Queer Rambilings Magazine and Fringe Element Records Presents Q'Revue. An event building radical art community. Heywood Wakefield, Felice Shays, (NYC Drag Collective) NYDS, Boyskout, The Syndicate, Susanna Cook and many others performed. November 13, 2004

2004.11.12 The Hidden Cameras at TT the Bear's (not a TS show, but I like 'em a lot). November 12, 2004
2004.11.01 TraniWreck No.4 at Jacque's featuring Heywood Wakefield, Mr. Lady, Miss Dominica K, Donita Roxx / Sir Loins and our special guests: Cassette, The Athens Boys Choir and Chris and the Hoola Hoop Team. November 1, 2004
2004.10.31 The 4rd Annual Boston Halloween Bike Ride plus other Halloween adventures. October 31, 2004
2004.10.29 MassArt's Iron Pour 2004
2004.10.18 Cassette, Robo Sapien, and ZWA at Midway October 18, 2004.

2004.10.14-17 The International Drag King Extravaganza IDKE 6 in Chicago October 14-17 2004.

2004.10.06 King Cobra, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Triple M Threat and Secret Cock at the Midway, October 6, 2004
2004.10.04 TraniWreck No.3 at Jacque's featuring Yours Truly, Donita Roxx/Sir Loin, and Cycle Circus folks. October 4, 2004
2004.10.02 Fun on a Saturday in Boston: Cycle Circus of Impending Doom with Boston Bandimonium and Miss Dominca K and Plunge into Death at Man Ray. Neither of which i had anything to do with producing, but they were both tons of fun. Saturday October 2, 2004
2004.09.23 Dear Nora and Cynthia Nelson with Lovers and Sara Cooper at Zeitgeist on Thursday September 23, 2004.
2004.09.06 TraniWreck No.2 Another amazing show! Monday September 6, 2004
2004.09.10-12 Philly Fringe Festival
Friday September 10, 2004
2004.09.11 Saturday September 11, 2004
2004.09.12 Sunday September 12, 2004

2004.08.23 Tranny Shack's goodbye to Rainbow show. Monday Aug. 23, 2004
2004.08.21 Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke with Rainbow Frite and Geo, The Novice. August 21, 2004
2004.08.14 Rainbow's last show at Man Ray. August 14, 2004

2004.08.3-8 All of my Homo A GoGo pictures from August 3-8, 2004
2004.08.02 Our first TraniWreck at Jacque's. It was a blast. August 2, 2004
2004.07.30 Tea Party II: Rick Berlin's Beat Bush Blowout! Dragster and Burlesque Presidents and First Ladies...Kind of... Friday July 30, 2004
2004.07.30 Slamber's production: Pelvic Circus' last gig evah. July 30, 2004
2004.07.17 Glitter Switch Saturday July 17, 2004
2004.07.14 Providence Drag King Night with: Heywood, Miss Pepper Mills, That boy named Jack, and Dickie Dickson
2004.07.03 Boston Dragsters and Heloise and the Savoir Faire Dancers hit Ptown. July 2+3, 2004
2004.06.27 NYDS (New York Drag Squad, my nyc dragster posse) closing out Pride weekend. June 27, 2004
2004.06.21 The Last Tranny Shack Boston at Jacque's June 21, 2004
2004.06.19 Glitter Switch's 2 year anniversary party!!! 06.19.04
2004.06.13 Slamber's Queer Carnival. 06.13.04
2004.06.13 Boston Queer Wrastling! 06.13.04
2004.06.12 a very minimal selection of photos from Pride June 12, 2004
2004.06.11 Dyke March Part 1. 06.11.04
2004.06.11 Dyke March Part 2. 06.11.04
2004.06.11 Dyke March Part 3. 06.11.04
2004.06.06 Dyke March Benefit Show. 06.06.04
2004.06.05 Lowdown Highway Tour show and some stops along the way. 06.05.04
2004.05.31 TrannyShack Idol Finals at Jacque's 05.23.04
2004.05.23 boston queer wrastling! 05.23.04
2004.05.18 tribe 8 / rise above weekend including trannyshack 05.18.04
2004.05.08 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 05.08.04
2004.05.06 sini anderson and robo sapien in boston and providence 05.06.04
2004.05.01 great big international drag king show in DC 05.01.04

2004.04.28 The Quails, Pelvic Circus, Cathy Cathodic, Nice & Easy 04.28.04
2004.04.23 drag ball hampshire college 04.23.04
2004.04.17 whambamtrans arts fest in pawtucket, ri 04.17.04
2004.04.07 Michelle Tea and Clint Catalyst's: Pills, Chills, Thrills and Heartache book release party 04.07.04
2004.04.04 new york drag squad show 04.04.04
2004.03.20 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 03.20.04

Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA
Fiery February Festivities: Indie Adult/Erotica Screenings and Performance

2004.02.21 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 02.21.04
2004.02.12 New York Drag Squad 02.12.04
2004.02.08 The Sex Workers' Art Show pictures were misfiled too. February, 8, 2004 at Hollywood in Boston.
2004.02.02 boston trannyshack 02.02.04
2004.01.17 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 01.17.04
2004.01 heywood and mani at first event 01.04

2003.12.20 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 12.20.03
2003.12.07 New York Drag Squad 12.07.03
2003.11.23 heywood and thru the keyhole at frolic room 11.23.03
2003.11.15 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 11.15.03
2003.10.31 The 3rd Annual Boston Halloween Bike Ride October 31, 2003 (took me a while to post them.)

2003.11.09 grand opening! 10 year anni. 11.09.03
2003.11.07 New York Drag Squad 11.07.03
2003.11.06 flying solo 11.06.03
2003.11.05 the quails and the king cobra 11.05.03
at tt the bear's star star quarterback (aka andy from mittens), the mary reillys, rosa chance well, and mark robinson
pop rock show 10.27.03
2003.10.25 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 10.25.03

2003.10.17-19 IDKE5 the International Drag King Extravaganza in mn 10.17-19.2003

(nts) 2003.09 Heywood Wakefield and Mani performs at a Northampton, MA MTPC benefit
photos soon
2003.09.20 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 09.20.03

2003.09.02 Some old NYDS (New York Drag Squad) photos I just found misfiled. September 2, 2003 at Meow Mix
2003.08 heywood hangs with chicago kings in Provincetown, MA aug 2003
2003.08.23 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 08.23.03
2003.06.16-21 Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, OR

(nts?) 2003.07.27
at Spontaneous Celebrations JP
Nomy Lamm (Effigy) and Sini Anderson show

(nts) 2003.07.21
at Jacque's
photos coming

2003.07.19 glitter switch: drag / karaoke 07.19.03
2003.07.20 T-Girl band night Sunday, July 20 Sunday

T-Girl band night!!! Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday from NYC and Boston's own: Electrolytes featuring Ivory and Trinity, Porn Belt, and Maggotzoid. Plus tables with T-Girl zines and comics, outreach, educational and support materials.

my cat obsession so not updated...

i've been producing shows since mid 1994. i got the digital camera in 2003 so that's where the photos begin. here's some of the rest of the history:

BRI Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
a drag performance
Featuring: Murray Hill
Heywood Wakefield
and friends
photo and video coming

A zany caberet show with Goddess Pearlman (jewish comedian/chantuse from NYC)
Mother Fucking Clash (Elvis Drag King with guitar singing acoustiv vesions of Clash songs).
CandyLand is at The Milky Way Lounge and Lanes
403-5 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain
21+, cover varies, doors @ 7:30pm, shows being @ 8pm-ish
Sunday, July 6, 2003:

Glitter Switch : Drag / Karaoke
41 Essex Street
at the corner of Harrison Ave. in Boston's Chinatown
21+ $5 7:30pm
$5 additional for dancing 10pm - 2am
We will be celebrating in super high style with TWO special events!
The Big One: Our guest hosts for Glitter Switch on June 28th will be Hilken and Maura from Punk Rock Aerobics and Charlie Girl Anders from Writers With Drinks!!! I know Hilken and Maura have some very special numbers worked out. The question is: will they be in their PRA uniforms? Or will they dress in drag? And Charlie Girl Anders, one of Glitter Switch's most favorite performers and biggest supporters, moved to Boston on the same day in June that we had our first Glitter Switch. She showed up that night! Charlie Girl always had the snazziest outfits and showcases her cool dance moves.
Saturday, June 28, 2003

Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke
Hollywood 1 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111
photos to come

BRI Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
Send a Girl to Camp benefit for Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls
Alicia Champion
Mal from Queer Soup
Amatul Hannan
The Princesses of Porn with the Dukes of Dykedom (burlesque)
Talia Kingsbury
Toni Amato
The Silent Wheel

Great Big Kings DC Heywoo Wakefield went to this to perform

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Betty Dodson (we cancelled this show. it was the first show i had ever cancelled.)

Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke
41 Essex Street
at the corner of Harrison Ave. in Boston's Chinatown
photos to come

Boston Public Library
Lost on Twilight Road 2
readings from Pulp Friction: Uncovering the Golden Age of Gay Male Pulps edited by Michael Bronski
Rick Berlin
Tom Cole
Mary Davies
Talia Kingsbury
John Kuntz
Stephen McCauley
Neil Miller

The Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA
Lost on Twilight Road 1
readings from Pulp Friction: Uncovering the Golden Age of Gay Male Pulps edited by Michael Bronski
Toni Amato
Charliegirl Anders
Scott Heim
Sue Hyde
Michael Lowenthal
Abe Rybeck
Rob Suresha

Beth McGurr started a Saturday night at
41 Essex Street
at the corner of Harrison Ave. in Boston's Chinatown
a Korean Karaoke Restaurant
and we started:
Glitter Switch: Drag / Karaoke
Heywood Wakefield had to figure out how to run karaoke, never been done!, in all of the equipment Korean! 
photos to come

The Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA
403-5 Centre Street Jamaica Plain
started a night: drag, bingo, and performers
Heywood, Toni, and some other performers. and dancing.
photos coming

2003.01.27 GenderTalk: Speaking the Language of Gender Nancy Nangeroni & Gordene O. MacKenzie GenderTalk intereviewed Aliza Shapiro / Heywood Wakefield
listen hear

2003.01.19 The Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA
Best Lesbian Erotica 2002 + 2003 writers and friends
Tristan Taormino
Amie M. Evans
Shireen Deen
Sacchi Green
Charlie Anders
Ron Suresha
Cecilia Tan

at Jacque's
Heywood Wakefield
photos are coming

TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA
Lynn Breedlove
Sini Anderson
Capital B (Bitch from Bitch and Animal)

(NTS) 2002.11.15
DIVA at Jacque's
Heywood Wakefield and other friends there.
photos are coming

41 Essex Street
at the corner of Harrison Ave. in Boston's Chinatown
Club Casanova Fall Tour 2002

IDKE 5 Columbus, Ohio
Heywood Wakefield's trip
photos coming

Machine, Boston, MA
Anti-Slam: Bad Poetry Slam

Club Hollywood, Boston, MA
Strombolli's Island of Donkeys and Dolls
Sara Seinberg
Peter Pizzi
The end of the World
Ricky Lee
Tara Jepsen
Bucky Sinister
Michelle Tea

Fran's Place, Lynn, MA
Drag King Takeover
Heywood Wakefield
Frankie Cocktail
Manuel Hung
Willie N Dowd
Drake Blackstone
Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
The Psycick Sluts present:
The Once and Future Whore

Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA
The Naysayer
The Tardy
The Seana Carmody

TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA
Tribe 8
The Princesses of Porn with the Dukes of Dykedom (burlesque)
Heywood Wakefield
Herman Phrodite (Slamber)
photos and video coming

BRI Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
Mecca Normal
Mary Timony

BRI Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
"Drag Down Weekend"
part 1: Third Antenna
part 2: The Murray Hill Show: in Boston
part 3: The Murray Hill Show: in Providence, RI

2002.04.23 Tuesday 7pm
BRI Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
Tribe Spit Deep
Tribe = Lynnee Breedlove of Tribe 8 and her new novel Godspeed.
Spit = Sini Anderson of Sister Spit.
Deep = Deep Dickollective: Juba Kalamka, Ralowe Trinitrotoluene, and Tim'm black queer hip hop.
also including poet/slam master Lisa King.

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Screening of "By Hook or By Crook"

Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
Letta Neely's "here" book release party

2002.02.10 (my birthday)
The Berwick Research Institute, Roxbury, MA
"Wet Freeze"
Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers
V for Vendetta
Mary Timony
Ms. Dominica K
Michael Brodeur
Letta Neely
The Princesses of Porn and the Dukes of Dykedom (burlesque)
Butch Body Blues (film)

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Eight Is Great - Grand Opening Anniversary Party with:
Letta Neely
Sara Seinberg
Miss Dominica K
The Men of Club Casanova
Squeaky and Muffy
Heywood Wakefield

The Garment District, Cambridge, MA
The Men of Club Casanova

New Words Bookstore, Cambridge, MA
Lette Neely
Thea Hillman
Elizabeth Stark
Tink Taylor
Anna Ross

Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA
Mikey Dee Benefit show
Drew O'doherty
Chris Brokaw
The Mancini
Colbourn Porject
Magic 12
Lucky 57
Mikey Dee was an initial big supporter of Truth Serum and my efforts.

video coverage! 
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
Gertrude didn't make it, so we had The Matters
Mark Robinson
Mary Timony
The Tardy

2000.02.07 (for my birthday)
Lilli's, Somerville, MA
Thalia Zedek (basically it was a Come reunion show and it was brilliant)
Fisher and Friends
Freeda Rome
The Tardy

Spontaneous Celebrations, Jamaica Plain, MA
The Wasted Motel Tour with:
Michelle Tea
Shar Rednour
Jackie Strano
Kassy Kayiatos
Sash Sunday
Kathe Izzo
Eileen Myles

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Mystery Sin-Ema Threatre 2000

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Annie Sprinkle

Rhythm & Muse, Jamaica Plain, MA
Michael Brodeur
Clint Catalyst
Jaclyn Friedman
Letta Neely

2000.06.10 Saturday
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
Verona Downs
Seana Carmody
Jr. Corduroy

2000.05.31 Wednesday
Middle East Upstairs
Kiss May goodbye as TRUTH SERUM presents: "Mash" a mixed-up, mish-mash of performance with
V for Vendetta
Julie Doiron
Laurie Weeks (cancelled)
Thalia Zedek
Meaghan McLaughlin
Freeda Rome
Nurse Subpoena K. Starr aka Mike Iveson (cancelled)

2000.04.14 FRIDAY
Milky Way Lounge and Lanes
THE GREEN 4 (mary timony from Helium, anna johansen from pee wee fist, and erin who paints)
some video...i think it is even vhs..

The Lizard Lounge
The Moves (closing)
Mo Elliot
The Naysayer (headlining from the middle)
String Builder (opening)

Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
thalia zedek (with margarita from la pussygata)
laurie weeks
eileen myles
hush puppy
magic 12
videos by dana moser

1999.08.04 Wednesday
Lizard Lounge Cambridge
Retsin (from NY)
The Runway (Jody from Secret Stars and Buick)
My Loneliest Pomegranate (Mel from Victory at Sea and David Curry)

1999.07.22 Thursday 9pm
Milky Way, Jamaica Plain
Leah Blesoff and David Steele (from Cherry 2000)
The Fly Seville

Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
"Small Chaos" Seana and Damon
V for Vendetta
Vanessa w/ Alissa Cardone
My Loneliest Pomegranate
Kevin Turbitt w/ Josh
Mona Elliot
Thunder Nation Drum Choir
Kristen Day and Matt Ashare (i think they cancelled)
Un Querpo Exquisito (added) Dana Moser

Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
Weeping in Fits and Starts
Hush Puppy

Green Street Grill, Cambridge MA
The Persimmons
Duncan ex-tooth and Sam ex-syrup

Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, MA
Thalia Zedek
Un Cuerpo Exquisito
Dopo Yume

1999.02.10 (my birthday)
TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA
Willard Grant Conspiracy
Magic 2
Hush Puppy

1999.01.19-21 Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Annie Sprinkle: Herstory... reel to real

Green Street Grill, Cambridge, MA
The Kletters
Weeping in Fits and Starts
The Phantom Sea Chanties

Middle East, Cambridge, MA
Weeping in Fits and Starts

TT the Bears, Cambridge. MA
Kim Airs' 40th birthday
Double Dong
Rick Berlin
Sweet Black Molasses

Kirkland Cafe, Somerville, MA
Willard Grant Conspiracy
Weeping in Fits and Starts
Baby Ray

Middle East, Cambridge, MA
Double Dong
Vic Firecracker Trio
Kim Airs birthday party

Batstate Hotel, Northampton, MA
The Mitchells
Weeping in fits and Starts
Ribbon Candy

Middle East, Cambridge, MA
Weeping in Fits and Starts

You might not know that I had studied architecture at RISD. When I graduated, the economy was really bad, and there was very few jobs at firms for me. I wanted to have experience in carpentry, so I worked at an all women's construction company for a year, and then I joined Local 40 where I worked for a couple of years until I ended up with frozen shoulders (too much drilling in steel in a bad position). I had been going to shows and met Bill of Pop Narcotic and offered to help him out.

I designed and put together two catalogs, amongst other things, which I scanned and put for those of you who are interested. It's totally interesting to think about how this was done.

Pop Narcotic 1995 catalog
Pop Narcotic 1996 catalog

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